For more than 50 years, we work to manufacture more and more state-of-the-art equipment

Decomedical story – A story made up of deep values, attachment to the native territory, willingness to go over geographical borders, decades-long tradition of paternal teachings and of a vision oriented to continuous innovation.

Decomedical story starts in the sixties thanks to the founder’s cosmetics field passion, the chemist Antonio De Cola. In 1967, his far-sighted vision and his natural inclination to trade led him to the launch of a personalised own cosmetic products line, in the aesthetic market.  This was a flourishing and well-established reality in the beauty industry for about twenty years, until his son Lorenzo joined him in the activity.  

Lorenzo’s international trainings and wide-ranged vision led him plan a big design and realize it in about three years with the achievement of amazing economical results for the company.

During the eighties, Lorenzo starts to support his father in the family company and to comprehend all the potential deriving from the design and the manufacturing of beauty devices. In the promising Aesthetic equipment market, Decomedical company focused all its energies by using economic resources, time and start-of-the-art technologies in order to offer performing, safe and guaranteed results devices.

This new adventure in BEAUTY, AESTHETIC and HEALTH WORLD for face and body led Decomedical to the construction of a new big and welcoming head office based in the province of Salerno.

The values and the teachings of his father are recognizable in Lorenzo’s work. Antonio De Cola has been always appreciated for his professionalism, seriousness and passion that characterized both his personal and professional life.

So doing, Decomedical becomes an important Italian reference for design, manufacturing and marketing of professional aesthetic and aesthetic medicine devices. The products distribution spreads throughout the national territory as well as the foreign markets that appreciate the real “MADE IN ITALY” quality and design.

Since 2014, Decomedical company is also present in the beating heart of Argentina, with its showroom based in Buenos Aires and by boasting excellent results in the South American continent as well. For over 50 years, Decomedical transfers the values of a solid family passion to its national and international customers as also all the know-how accumulated over time through the body and facial care equipment production, border line between aesthetic and aesthetic medicine.
Always inclined to researches and innovation, Decomedical looks to the future confident of its own resources, of the values transmitted in its products and of a human relationship as well as a professional one which finds positive results by commercial partners and professional clientele.


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