In San Marzano di San Giuseppe, in the province of Taranto, a beauty center has just opened, and it is already making itself known on the market with professionalism and a welcoming spirit. And it does so with Decomedical technology.

The owner of ABL Aesthetics and Make Up is Anna Chetta, who has realized the desire to have her own center where she can practice her skills as a specialized beautician, and to do so she has chosen Decomedical technologies for successful treatments.

<< As soon as I started my business I wanted to insert the equipment to offer advanced aesthetic treatments and services – she explains – in addition to my greatest passion which has always been Make Up >>.

Let’s start talking about this last aspect, professional make-up.

<< I studied as a Make Up Artist, as a beautician and make-up artist, and it is no coincidence that the name of my center clearly clarifies this aspect. I have a special station dedicated to make-up and the resale line of products and it is always a sector that I am very fond of >>.

What services does your center offer?

<< There are two beauty booths which, if necessary, become a single environment, in which I perform face and body treatments with machines, and then there is the hand and foot station for a double service, both aesthetic and curative, and the station dedicated to dermopigmentation, for example for permanent eyebrow tattoos >>.

Which machines did you decide to equip yourself with right from the opening?

<< I immediately took the diode laser for definitive progressive hair removal, pressotherapy, ultrasound especially for rejuvenating and invigorating treatments for the face, and then the Decoshaper, an excellent machine for deep endodermal massage. They are treatments in which I believe very much and which offer results already from the first sessions >>.

Are all your machines Decomedical?

<< Yes, I decided to start immediately with this company that I had met at the time of my studies in the aesthetic school >>.

Please tell us briefly how you met.

<< 12 years ago the school I was attending made available the opportunity to go to the company and I visited the laboratory, from the design phase to the finished product. Since then, I have had that obsession in my head, in short, as if it had been a first love. After school, I met other companies in the places where I worked, but then I decided to open my own center and went back to my roots in terms of technology. I renewed my training at Decomedical and I completely entrusted myself to them. An unparalleled training, the feeling is to feel at ease and to have known them forever >>.

What do you expect from the future, given that your center was born very recently?

<< I have just opened, but the ideas are very clear. I want to grow and I intend to expand my services with other treatments. Maybe even with a solarium shower and further specializing in dermopigmentation >>.

What is your approach to customers?

<< My goal is to offer a place where the customer feels totally at ease. Mine often also becomes a psychological role, as it is not uncommon for us to relax to the point that we then open up and talk about many things. And I like this aspect equally to my professionalism, always with respect and without intrusiveness. Before starting any treatment, I dedicate my time to an accurate free cognitive consultation, because seriousness and ethics must always inspire this work which is also very delicate since it deals with beauty but often also with health. Finally, I can say that I am always driven by a deep life passion for my job, and this is what inspires all my work >>.

ABL Aesthetics and Make Up beauty center

Via Piave n ° 51 74020 San Marzano di San Giuseppe (Taranto)

For information +39 3899396697

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