In an area appreciated for the beauty of its sea and beaches, characterized by an always mild and pleasant climate, the body inevitably takes on considerable importance throughout the year.

For this reason, one of the strengths of a self-respecting beauty center is the offer of the best permanent hair removal techniques. And so the new and already popular Beauty Chic beauty center in Marina di Camerota immediately wanted to focus on the laser right from the opening.

We talked about it with the owner, Jessica Sorrentino, who opened the doors of her center to us and told us about her relationship with Decomedical.

When and how did the Beauty Chic project take shape?

<< I must say that I started my business in complete autonomy by opening a beauty salon about two years ago, but I had a strong desire to have a real beauty center that could offer customers a wide variety of services for the face and body care. So I only opened a few months ago, in the midst of the pandemic, with three cabins. Despite the situation, I wanted to win hope over everything else and I must say that I feel very satisfied >>.

What services does it offer?

<< I have a cabin used for epilation, one for aesthetic and curative manicure and pedicure services, one for face and body treatments including massages, muds, scrubs, anti-cellulite treatments, anti-aging, peeling. In short, I try to guarantee an all-round service that focuses on the beauty of the customer while respecting his uniqueness. I also specialize in tricopigmentation, specifically in semi-permanent eyebrow makeup and the simulation of the shaved effect against baldness or for the hair density effect >>.

What values ​​inspire your work and your approach to the client?

<< I created my center in the middle of the pandemic, so I had a clear desire to offer the customer large, comfortable spaces with privacy and the right distance, all valid values ​​regardless of the current situation. My interest is to put the customer at ease, to make her or him feel confident in the cleanliness, order and hygiene that must always be present when doing a job like mine >>.

What kind of customers go to your center?

I like to emphasize that these are both female and male audiences, as men are also interested in their own beauty. Maybe we also live in a seaside area, but for both hair removal and face and body treatments, the public is varied anyway >>.

What equipment do you use?

<< I immediately started with the Decomedical diode laser for definitive progressive hair removal. I have equipped myself with a truly formidable machine, for which customers already after the first sessions show me their surprise in seeing evident results. Truly an amazing machine of which I am very proud. Easy to use, aesthetically beautiful and really effective >>.

Are you interested in introducing some other machinery?

<< I would like to take the radiofrequency machine for facial treatments in particular, for which I have a strong demand from customers >>.

Your laser bears Decomedical signature. Can you tell us how you met the company?

<< My acquaintance with Decomedical is long-standing: when I attended the professional aesthetics course I was already using their equipment. And I had already been able to appreciate all the quality and effectiveness. When I decided to open my own center last year, therefore, I went on the safe side and did not hesitate in the slightest about the choice. It is a beautiful and healthy company from Campania, which I liked right away. Training, quality, support and humanity: all values ​​that are not taken for granted and that in any case I hoped to find in a company. So, it goes without saying, for the next equipment I will certainly continue to supply myself at Decomedical >>.

Beauty Chic beauty center

Via Bolivar n ° 85 84059 Marina di Camerota (Sa)

Telephone +393332191818