At the Elisabetta Beauty Center in Salerno, face and body treatments with Decomedical technology

When referring to the beauty of a person and his or her external image, it is impossible not to immediately think about the central role of beauty centers, the places that par excellence devote themselves to them at 360 degrees.

More and more are projected to professional technology to treat the skin and improve physical fitness, they are references for women and men who care about their beauty.

In the heart of Salerno, in the well-known Mediterranean Gallery, we find a brand new and avant-garde beauty salon, which in just over a year and a half has managed to be appreciated and become a point of reference in the coastal city of Campania.

It is called “Elisabetta Beauty”, whose owner Maria Rosaria Aprile describes its characteristics and services.

We opened in full lockdown, but we were not discouraged or stopped. I must say that my beauty center works very well and gives us a good degree of satisfaction, and it is a project that I have at heart. It is no coincidence that the name I gave is that of my mother, Elisabetta, always with me in all my activities >>.

What does the center offer?

<< Our goal is the all-round care of feminine and masculine beauty. We start from all the basic aesthetic services to the specialized ones related to face and body treatments. What characterizes us is the careful selection of the products used, starting from the Vagheggi creams of which we are a resale partner center, to the best technology available >>.

Which Decomedical machines did you choose?

<< I have recently purchased a very powerful machine for the results it offers, very aesthetically appealing and totally Italian, the brand new Endoshaper. It is a machine that performs a deep endodermal massage, with surprising results in rejuvenating and firming the skin and shaping the figure >>.

Why did you choose to bring the Endoshaper Decomedical to your beauty center?

<< I needed to have a single machine that would guarantee me high quality face and body treatments and safe results. This is why I opted for the latest product from Decomedical, a company that makes made in Italy its strength. Design, safety, effectiveness, confidential and professional relationship with the company at the same time. In short, a reference for the production of machinery for professional aesthetics >>.

What are the musts of your beauty center?

<< Surely the attention to the customer which, as mentioned, passes through the choice of products and technology of great value. We are a team attentive to your needs, with a good level of empathy towards you, my collaborators are very prepared, thanks to a continuous training path. A good organizational capacity and at the same time the desire to host customers in the best possible way, putting them in a position of ease. These are elements that my team and I care a lot about and which I believe represent the reasons why we feel tempted to come back to us and entrust ourselves to our hands with the utmost confidence >>.

The “Elisabetta Beauty” Aesthetic Center in Salerno also offers easy parking and very flexible hours for which it is possible to undergo treatments even during lunch breaks with continuous opening hours 9.30-19.30 from Monday to Saturday.

Throughout the month of November there are free open days to try out the new Endoshaper machine from Decomedical and immediately discover its benefits. Then we will continue with advantageous and ideal packages for every need.

Other information

“Elisabetta Beauty” beauty center

Address Via San Leonardo 52 84131 Salerno

Telephone +39 089 994 8294

The Marilyn Aesthetic Center offers all-round services for beauty care and adopts Decomedical machinery.

In the province of Catanzaro, the Marilyn Aesthetic Center offers all-round services for beauty care and adopts Decomedical machinery for the best body treatments.

With a female but also male clientele, in a location not far from the enchanting Calabrian sea, the specialized beautician Maria Gugliotta has chosen to adopt the equipment produced by the Campania company Decomedical to guarantee all the quality and the most effective results at its center.

The Aesthetic Center Marilyn di lei is located in Acconia, a hamlet of the municipality of Curinga, in the province of Catanzaro, open for six years and now a point of reference in the area for its professionalism.

What services does your center offer?

<< I have a request both from the female public, usually more inclined to attend a beauty center, but also from the male one, who is very attentive to their appearance – explains the owner Maria Gugliotta -. I specialize in professional services dedicated to hands and feet, in different ways of waxing, hair removal with pulsed light, in face and body treatments, professional make-up, massages. Among the projects is to follow a course in Arabic thread and henna. But the desire to grow and improve myself is always strong >>.

How does your center develop?

<< The space is large, about 110 square meters, with predominant pink and white colors with some glitter touches, to create a modern, elegant and very clean environment. The cabins are closed and independent and, in particular, the massage cabin sees the presence of stone and LEDs, for a different, more intimate atmosphere. My attention to hygiene and organization is maximum, in fact I believe they are fundamental elements in my business >>.

What equipment do you use?

<< At the time of opening, I decided to invest in machines that in my opinion were essential in a self-respecting beauty center; that they were always valid, in short, eternal. And I chose the Decomedical ones. So I bought pulsed light, for an effective gradual permanent hair removal, much appreciated by women and men of different ages because the results are visible from the first sessions. But I’d be inclined to take the laser too. For the body treatments, on the other hand, I chose the machine to carry out pressure therapy, and the Decoshaper, ideal for in-depth massage, to firm up and to counteract annoying blemishes such as cellulite >>.

What feedback do you get from your customers?

<< My clients’ comments are excellent. The results are there and they are effective and they show me their enthusiasm every day in wanting to continue with the treatments. All this, then, is to be associated with good daily habits that I myself try to stimulate in the client. In order to create an optimal situation between correct treatments and lifestyles >>.

How did you approach the Decomedical company?

<< I met her through the company that furnished my center for the opening. I then contacted the company immediately and went in person to visit. I was able to see everything with my own eyes, from the conception phase to the finished machine. It is very interesting to be able to touch and see directly what is behind professional equipment such as Decomedical ones. And, after six years, I am fully satisfied >>.

For information

Marilyn Aesthetic Center by Maria Gugliotta

VIA MON. S. MARIA DI CANNE, SNC 88022 Curinga (Cz)

Phone: +393393650552


New Life beauty center in Catania with Decomedical, high professionalism and experience.

The quality of Decomedical equipment in Catania at the New Life beauty center: efficiency and professionalism for demanding customers.

In sunny and wonderful Catania, the New Life beauty center has been operating for three years, guaranteeing the best performance in specialized aesthetics.

We listened to her owner, Agnese Platania, who told us about her salon and the bond that unites her to Decomedical equipment.

<< I opened the salon in 2018, after a previous experience as the owner of a beauty center – she explained to us -. I specialize in basic and advanced aesthetics, and in face and body treatments, including dermopigmentation and microblading services. My center is inspired by eco design, so it is unique in its kind >>.

What inspires your business?

<< My center was born from the need to give a professional outlet to my training path (I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Aesthetic Technician at the University of Ferrara) which in itself allows me to better face different professional roles, offering me a very broad educational background. The goal is to offer a highly professional service, which goes beyond the simple definition of aesthetics, unfortunately often entrusted to unskilled personnel >>.

So what characteristics must a self-respecting beauty center possess?

<< I believe that at the base of everything there is the preparation, the competence, of the person in charge of the treatments, from the simplest to the most complex ones. I strongly believe in training and in the intellectual honesty of offering services in full compliance with safety and the results to be achieved. There is the aspect aimed at attention to the customer, with an approach oriented towards well-being in the round even at a sensorial level, and the very important aspect of hygiene care. I have a class B autoclave for deeper sterilization, to always offer due safety to my customers, and a machine that sterilizes with ozone for plastic or cardboard materials >>.

How did you get to know the Decomedical company?

<< The knowledge dates back to several years ago, precisely to 2007, at the Cosmoprof fair. Among all the companies present I was particularly struck as many of them assemble only in Italy, while Decomedical is totally Italian. And I am a strong supporter of “made in Italy”. And for this reason I decided to deepen my knowledge. My then partner, now a husband, who is an engineer, engaged in a dialogue with the owner of the company, specifically on the technical characteristics. And when I opened the center, I had no doubts in relying on Decomedical for the professional aesthetic equipment that I would use >>.

What equipment do you currently use?

<< I wanted to start with technologies that I believe are fundamental for a beauty center and that allow for 360-degree results. I have the Decoshaper, for a very deep endodermic massage, with visible results from the first sessions, and a Multistation for face treatments (for a variety of needs: hydration, anti-aging, oxygenation, microcirculation, up to an antibacterial action and reduction of redness cutaneous) >>.

Would you choose Decomedical again?

<< Without a doubt. We have been in the office and we have been able to directly appreciate the quality of the products. Also from a human point of view, I met wonderful people, and I like to mention in particular Mrs. Grazia and Mr. Marino, always available, friendly and highly professional >>.

What is the feedback from your customers?

<< As soon as the Decoshaper arrived, after a while I was incredulous for the results it achieved. And I immediately sold body packs with great success and people can no longer do without them >>.

Finally, are there machines that you would be interested in integrating for the future?

<< I am very attracted to the ultrasound machine and radiofrequency >>.

For information

New Life Wellness

Via Adige 6 ° 95027 Catania (Ct)

Cell: 3477762745


“Beauty Chic” beauty center in Marina di Camerota, beauty and results with Decomedical

In an area appreciated for the beauty of its sea and beaches, characterized by an always mild and pleasant climate, the body inevitably takes on considerable importance throughout the year.

For this reason, one of the strengths of a self-respecting beauty center is the offer of the best permanent hair removal techniques. And so the new and already popular Beauty Chic beauty center in Marina di Camerota immediately wanted to focus on the laser right from the opening.

We talked about it with the owner, Jessica Sorrentino, who opened the doors of her center to us and told us about her relationship with Decomedical.

When and how did the Beauty Chic project take shape?

<< I must say that I started my business in complete autonomy by opening a beauty salon about two years ago, but I had a strong desire to have a real beauty center that could offer customers a wide variety of services for the face and body care. So I only opened a few months ago, in the midst of the pandemic, with three cabins. Despite the situation, I wanted to win hope over everything else and I must say that I feel very satisfied >>.

What services does it offer?

<< I have a cabin used for epilation, one for aesthetic and curative manicure and pedicure services, one for face and body treatments including massages, muds, scrubs, anti-cellulite treatments, anti-aging, peeling. In short, I try to guarantee an all-round service that focuses on the beauty of the customer while respecting his uniqueness. I also specialize in tricopigmentation, specifically in semi-permanent eyebrow makeup and the simulation of the shaved effect against baldness or for the hair density effect >>.

What values ​​inspire your work and your approach to the client?

<< I created my center in the middle of the pandemic, so I had a clear desire to offer the customer large, comfortable spaces with privacy and the right distance, all valid values ​​regardless of the current situation. My interest is to put the customer at ease, to make her or him feel confident in the cleanliness, order and hygiene that must always be present when doing a job like mine >>.

What kind of customers go to your center?

I like to emphasize that these are both female and male audiences, as men are also interested in their own beauty. Maybe we also live in a seaside area, but for both hair removal and face and body treatments, the public is varied anyway >>.

What equipment do you use?

<< I immediately started with the Decomedical diode laser for definitive progressive hair removal. I have equipped myself with a truly formidable machine, for which customers already after the first sessions show me their surprise in seeing evident results. Truly an amazing machine of which I am very proud. Easy to use, aesthetically beautiful and really effective >>.

Are you interested in introducing some other machinery?

<< I would like to take the radiofrequency machine for facial treatments in particular, for which I have a strong demand from customers >>.

Your laser bears Decomedical signature. Can you tell us how you met the company?

<< My acquaintance with Decomedical is long-standing: when I attended the professional aesthetics course I was already using their equipment. And I had already been able to appreciate all the quality and effectiveness. When I decided to open my own center last year, therefore, I went on the safe side and did not hesitate in the slightest about the choice. It is a beautiful and healthy company from Campania, which I liked right away. Training, quality, support and humanity: all values ​​that are not taken for granted and that in any case I hoped to find in a company. So, it goes without saying, for the next equipment I will certainly continue to supply myself at Decomedical >>.

Beauty Chic beauty center

Via Bolivar n ° 85 84059 Marina di Camerota (Sa)

Telephone +393332191818

ABL Aesthetics and Make Up, near Taranto, beauty and technology with Decomedical.

In San Marzano di San Giuseppe, in the province of Taranto, a beauty center has just opened, and it is already making itself known on the market with professionalism and a welcoming spirit. And it does so with Decomedical technology.

The owner of ABL Aesthetics and Make Up is Anna Chetta, who has realized the desire to have her own center where she can practice her skills as a specialized beautician, and to do so she has chosen Decomedical technologies for successful treatments.

<< As soon as I started my business I wanted to insert the equipment to offer advanced aesthetic treatments and services – she explains – in addition to my greatest passion which has always been Make Up >>.

Let’s start talking about this last aspect, professional make-up.

<< I studied as a Make Up Artist, as a beautician and make-up artist, and it is no coincidence that the name of my center clearly clarifies this aspect. I have a special station dedicated to make-up and the resale line of products and it is always a sector that I am very fond of >>.

What services does your center offer?

<< There are two beauty booths which, if necessary, become a single environment, in which I perform face and body treatments with machines, and then there is the hand and foot station for a double service, both aesthetic and curative, and the station dedicated to dermopigmentation, for example for permanent eyebrow tattoos >>.

Which machines did you decide to equip yourself with right from the opening?

<< I immediately took the diode laser for definitive progressive hair removal, pressotherapy, ultrasound especially for rejuvenating and invigorating treatments for the face, and then the Decoshaper, an excellent machine for deep endodermal massage. They are treatments in which I believe very much and which offer results already from the first sessions >>.

Are all your machines Decomedical?

<< Yes, I decided to start immediately with this company that I had met at the time of my studies in the aesthetic school >>.

Please tell us briefly how you met.

<< 12 years ago the school I was attending made available the opportunity to go to the company and I visited the laboratory, from the design phase to the finished product. Since then, I have had that obsession in my head, in short, as if it had been a first love. After school, I met other companies in the places where I worked, but then I decided to open my own center and went back to my roots in terms of technology. I renewed my training at Decomedical and I completely entrusted myself to them. An unparalleled training, the feeling is to feel at ease and to have known them forever >>.

What do you expect from the future, given that your center was born very recently?

<< I have just opened, but the ideas are very clear. I want to grow and I intend to expand my services with other treatments. Maybe even with a solarium shower and further specializing in dermopigmentation >>.

What is your approach to customers?

<< My goal is to offer a place where the customer feels totally at ease. Mine often also becomes a psychological role, as it is not uncommon for us to relax to the point that we then open up and talk about many things. And I like this aspect equally to my professionalism, always with respect and without intrusiveness. Before starting any treatment, I dedicate my time to an accurate free cognitive consultation, because seriousness and ethics must always inspire this work which is also very delicate since it deals with beauty but often also with health. Finally, I can say that I am always driven by a deep life passion for my job, and this is what inspires all my work >>.

ABL Aesthetics and Make Up beauty center

Via Piave n ° 51 74020 San Marzano di San Giuseppe (Taranto)

For information +39 3899396697

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Mirò beauty center in Pagani: beauty treatments with Decomedical technologies.

Since 2007, the Mirò Art of Beauty Center in Pagani has pampered and cared for the beauty of its customers thanks to cutting-edge technology from Decomedical.

Mirò Art of Beauty is the story of two sisters-in-law with the dream of opening a beauty center together to combine their experiences and skills accumulated over the course of their professional and educational careers.

A long and satisfying journey, which has affirmed their name on the market, becoming a sure point of reference for the whole area. We spoke to Michela Cesarano who, together with Rossella Di Leo, her sister-in-law, is the owner of Mirò Art of Beauty in Pagani (Salerno).

<< Aesthetics is our passion in life and we are proud to be able to offer services and technologies that fully reflect the expectations of even the most demanding customers >>.

Can you tell us how your business was born and how it has evolved?

<< In 2007 we started this adventure together, Rossella and I, starting with the sector in which we had the greatest knowledge at the time, the basic aesthetics with predominance of Nail Art. In a short time we made ourselves known and appreciated and gradually we expanded our range of action, up to and including advanced aesthetics. The needs have changed and evolved and we are more and more in love with the machines and the results they can produce for the beauty of the face and body >>.

What equipment do you use?

<< We use Decomedical equipment. We carry out electrostimulation, radiofrequency treatments, deep endodermal massage, cavitation, pressotherapy, electrocoagulation, permanent gradual epilation with pulsed light. In short, we are specialized in a wide range of treatments with surprising results and we are literally in love with our equipment which brings us great feedback from customers >>.

Is there a treatment that is the most popular?

<< I must say that every Decomedical machine is created to achieve tangible results and therefore each one works very well on the market based on what is to be obtained or on specific aesthetic needs. For example, I love the Decoshaper, a machine that shapes the body and makes the silhouette incredibly better from the first session. In fact, whoever becomes aware of it with the first treatment, then requests it >>.

How did you get to know the Decomedical company?

<< I have to tell the truth, we met  by chance. We also needed support from a funding point of view in the early days and I found this and much more in them. We knew the machines and we contacted the company directly to see it up close. From there a world opened: a few steps from home, an important reality with great professionalism and great humanity. They hosted us for detailed descriptions of the appliances and made us feel at home. We will always bring infinite gratitude to Decomedical, we have never lacked availability and affection, and we feel part of the company itself >>.

What is your customer approach?

<< We are very keen on consulting that lasts a long time precisely to take all the necessary information and to build a complete picture of the person in front of us. This is the best way to offer our most accurate expertise. Then we take great care that the customer is completely at ease with her and we offer her a service as complete as possible thanks to the support of some external professionals, who are physiatrist, podiatrist, nutritionist, pigmentist. For medical needs of unavailability to come here in person, we also carry out a home service of basic aesthetics >>.

Mirò beauty center in Pagani

Via Marino Guerritore 38 84016 Pagani, Campania

For information +39 081 916019