In the heart of Nocera Superiore, in the province of Salerno, the Beauty Trainer Beauty Center is a young reality that boasts many years of experience behind it, a center that for two years has been a reference point for those looking for cutting-edge services in the sector advanced aesthetics, with customized programs tailored to each individual customer.

The owner, Anna Villani, in the field of aesthetics for twenty years, and with a past as a teacher in beautician schools, explains:

<< This activity was my secret dream and I bet everything on the quality and exclusivity of cutting-edge treatments. It fills me with pride to receive positive feedback from customers and I am pleased to have created exactly what I had imagined >>.

What is the philosophy that inspires your work?

<< I believe the name “Beauty Trainer” already expresses a lot. The points of reference for me are hospitality and advice in all the paths that are taken. I am absolutely against static protocols and each request is evaluated individually in a real accompaniment before and during the journey. A closeness in terms of availability and continuous advice that is also expressed in emotional and more purely human terms. There is an area of ​​the center dedicated to consultancy, where the first acquaintance and the listening path on our part takes place, offering the right and real expectations >>.

What services does your center offer?

<< I immediately understood what the reference points would be for users. There are three programs: basic aesthetics, which is about nails, make-up, curative pedicure in particular; definitive hair removal with the diode laser, for excellent results right away and non-invasive and painless sessions; face and body programs with radiofrequency, to counteract annoying imperfections, as well as anti-aging for the neck, an area of ​​the body that is heavily affected by the signs of aging and is sometimes mistakenly neglected >>.

What equipment did you select for your center?

<< The appliances in my center are signed Decomedical, a solid reality that guarantees me the quality of made in Italy and also the aesthetics of the product, which in a beauty center you can imagine how much it can be worth >>.

Why did you choose Decomedical?

<< First of all, because it is an Italian company. Initially the proximity made me prefer it to others and consequently the fact of being able to help support a very valid company in the Campania region. But then, when I went to them for courses and updates, I really found a great welcome. A relationship of familiarity, trust and mutual respect that I have rarely encountered in my life was immediately established. I felt, and still feel, pampered from all points of view >>.

Would you therefore recommend Decomedical equipment?

<< Already recommended, absolutely sincerely and without personal gain. If the judgments are actually positive both on the setting of the human relationship, both from a professional and assistance point of view, and from a purely performance point of view, with top-of-the-range machinery, why not recommend it to people who need it? >>.

What treatments are you doing the most during this period?

<< Until now we have focused more on the face, while now we are entering the period in which we are preparing for the summer season. So the body and laser programs become the favorites. We focus on excess fat, on a more sculpted body, on smoother, softer skin and always ready to be proudly displayed. And with our state-of-the-art equipment, combined with the professionalism and hygiene that customers can find here from day one, every dream can finally come out of the drawer >>.

For information

Beauty Trainer beauty center of Anna Villani in Nocera Superiore (Sa)

Telephone 081 1875 8889

Address: Via Pecorari, 25 84015 Nocera Superiore