When referring to the beauty of a person and his or her external image, it is impossible not to immediately think about the central role of beauty centers, the places that par excellence devote themselves to them at 360 degrees.

More and more are projected to professional technology to treat the skin and improve physical fitness, they are references for women and men who care about their beauty.

In the heart of Salerno, in the well-known Mediterranean Gallery, we find a brand new and avant-garde beauty salon, which in just over a year and a half has managed to be appreciated and become a point of reference in the coastal city of Campania.

It is called “Elisabetta Beauty”, whose owner Maria Rosaria Aprile describes its characteristics and services.

We opened in full lockdown, but we were not discouraged or stopped. I must say that my beauty center works very well and gives us a good degree of satisfaction, and it is a project that I have at heart. It is no coincidence that the name I gave is that of my mother, Elisabetta, always with me in all my activities >>.

What does the center offer?

<< Our goal is the all-round care of feminine and masculine beauty. We start from all the basic aesthetic services to the specialized ones related to face and body treatments. What characterizes us is the careful selection of the products used, starting from the Vagheggi creams of which we are a resale partner center, to the best technology available >>.

Which Decomedical machines did you choose?

<< I have recently purchased a very powerful machine for the results it offers, very aesthetically appealing and totally Italian, the brand new Endoshaper. It is a machine that performs a deep endodermal massage, with surprising results in rejuvenating and firming the skin and shaping the figure >>.

Why did you choose to bring the Endoshaper Decomedical to your beauty center?

<< I needed to have a single machine that would guarantee me high quality face and body treatments and safe results. This is why I opted for the latest product from Decomedical, a company that makes made in Italy its strength. Design, safety, effectiveness, confidential and professional relationship with the company at the same time. In short, a reference for the production of machinery for professional aesthetics >>.

What are the musts of your beauty center?

<< Surely the attention to the customer which, as mentioned, passes through the choice of products and technology of great value. We are a team attentive to your needs, with a good level of empathy towards you, my collaborators are very prepared, thanks to a continuous training path. A good organizational capacity and at the same time the desire to host customers in the best possible way, putting them in a position of ease. These are elements that my team and I care a lot about and which I believe represent the reasons why we feel tempted to come back to us and entrust ourselves to our hands with the utmost confidence >>.

The “Elisabetta Beauty” Aesthetic Center in Salerno also offers easy parking and very flexible hours for which it is possible to undergo treatments even during lunch breaks with continuous opening hours 9.30-19.30 from Monday to Saturday.

Throughout the month of November there are free open days to try out the new Endoshaper machine from Decomedical and immediately discover its benefits. Then we will continue with advantageous and ideal packages for every need.

Other information

“Elisabetta Beauty” beauty center

Address Via San Leonardo 52 84131 Salerno

Telephone +39 089 994 8294