In the heart of Pontecagnano Faiano, just outside Salerno, a brand new beauty center dedicated to the care and beauty of women and men in compliance with the most advanced technologies and the most effective treatments.

Fusco Centro Estetico has been operating in the Campania town for only eight months and already boasts excellent results thanks above all to the professionalism of its owner, Valentina Fusco, who has relied on Decomedical cutting-edge equipment and the professionalism gained over the years.

<< I start from the assumption that you have to be honest with the customer and work with the heart >> explains Fusco << The fundamental thing is to put passion into your work, and I’m lucky because I love my job and I put all of myself, updating and studying continuously. The customer now comes to us already quite informed and knows how to recognize the quality. For this reason, in choosing the technology to use, I wanted to rely on the professionalism of Decomedical >>.

How did you find out about Decomedical equipment?

<< After the pregnancy I went to a center for some treatments and the machines were those. I found myself very well and, when I opened my business, I didn’t think twice about it and went to ask for information directly on site. The machines, which are already striking from an aesthetic point of view, are highly professional and give great satisfaction from the point of view of operation. I then followed some training courses for correct preparation and I can now count on a great support both from an informative and technical and assistance point of view >>.

What kind of equipment do you use in your center?

<< I have several Decomedical machines, in particular Decoson, for ultrasonic facial cleaning, face and body radiofrequency, and then the Diode Laser 808, a leading product for the effectiveness widely found from the first sessions >>.

Speaking of permanent hair removal, this is perhaps the best time to carry out the treatment in view of the summer.

<< Definitely, because we arrive in June with smooth skin, ready for the season, avoiding last-minute anxieties and suffering. Treatment with the 808 Diode Laser is absolutely painless and ensures truly amazing results. Although I only started my business a few months ago, I am already inundated with positive feedback and enthusiasm from my clients. It is a highly requested treatment, which is very easy to propose and sell >>.

What other services can you find in your center?

<< We cater to an audience of both women and men, with a predominance of female demand, for face and body treatments, basic aesthetics, hand and foot treatments, gel and semi-permanent, sun shower and waxing, but also professional make-up, massages . In short, we try to offer a broad and complete service in the field of aesthetics and personal well-being, always putting the utmost in passion, competence and professionalism. On the Facebook page of my center, in addition to updates and activities carried out, I constantly publish the “before and after” photographs as a concrete demonstration of the results that clients, with their great joy, manage to achieve from the very first sessions >> .

Aesthetic Center Fusco in Pontecagnano Faiano (Sa)

Headquarters: Via G. Budetti, 93 84098 Pontecagnano Faiano (SA)

Phone: 3334591457

Facebook page: