When professionalism marries passion, attention to the customer is maximum and services are at the forefront, you are faced with a reality of true excellence.

And when it comes to personal well-being, it is important that everything revolves around excellence.

The beauty center of Battipaglia, Fysi, which has been operational since 2015 by the owner, Anna Napoli, points in this direction.

With a solid background gained over the years and an approach to the client that is as sincere as it is professional, she leads her center specializing in advanced aesthetics.

<< I chose to focus attention on this specific sector that I love very much, – Anna Napoli explains – but with us, customers can also find basic beauty services without any problems, relying on a complete service >>.

What inspires her work?

<< I have always taken great care in doing research in my business. I constantly aspire to raise the quality level, I continue to study and update myself to always offer the best to my customers. I chose my profession, I wanted it, it didn’t happen to me from heaven, so it’s the passion that inspires every action I take >>.

What does your center specialize in?

<< As we said, we focus on advanced aesthetics. First of all, I like to highlight the care we place in massages, of which we have a great variety: from sports ones to decontracting ones to those for those suffering from cervical problems. I must say that we are very well known in this area, in which I have a great interest. And then there is the equipment, for high quality treatments, halfway between aesthetic and curative >>.

What types of equipment do you use?

<< Since I opened the center I have entrusted myself to Decomedical, purchasing all the machines there with great satisfaction. In fact, they can count on really exciting feedback from the clients who carry out the treatment sessions and I myself am the first fan of these devices as sophisticated as they are practical and easy to handle. I own the equipment for radiofrequency, for pressotherapy, ultrasound, endodermic massage, Combimix, micromotor for deep manicure and pedicure, high intensity pulsed light, all signed Decomedical. Excellent actual results and very high performance machines >>.

How did you find out about this company?

<< When I decided to open my center, I spent a year looking for the most valid equipment on the market. I’ve seen so much around and made comparisons. And in the end these turned out to be by far the best, in my opinion. One hundred percent made in Italy machines, innovative and technologically advanced, very efficient services offered, constant training and updates, assistance at the highest levels, excellent value for money. The sincere satisfaction was so great that I also recommended Decomedical to my colleagues, without being afraid of making a bad impression, on the contrary. Companies generally tend to do numbers, here the first thing is the human relationship. A company that I would always choose again >>.

What is the target audience of your center?

<< It is mainly a female audience of the 30-55 age group. It is a loyal clientele who appreciates the efficiency of the treatments and the advantages of a large center where the tranquility of those who come, the cleanliness and the exclusivity of the services offered are taken into consideration >>.

What is going for the most during this time?

<< Definitely the definitive epilation, the best time for which is precisely this to prepare for the summer and reach it without stress, and then there is the radiofrequency for the beauty of the face, against various blemishes. Even the cleansing of the face itself, I must say, is in great demand in this transition period from winter to spring >>.

FYSI Beauty Center of Anna Napoli

Via Italia, 48 – CAP 84091 Battipaglia (SA) Telephone +39 0828 300641