Since 2007, the Mirò Art of Beauty Center in Pagani has pampered and cared for the beauty of its customers thanks to cutting-edge technology from Decomedical.

Mirò Art of Beauty is the story of two sisters-in-law with the dream of opening a beauty center together to combine their experiences and skills accumulated over the course of their professional and educational careers.

A long and satisfying journey, which has affirmed their name on the market, becoming a sure point of reference for the whole area. We spoke to Michela Cesarano who, together with Rossella Di Leo, her sister-in-law, is the owner of Mirò Art of Beauty in Pagani (Salerno).

<< Aesthetics is our passion in life and we are proud to be able to offer services and technologies that fully reflect the expectations of even the most demanding customers >>.

Can you tell us how your business was born and how it has evolved?

<< In 2007 we started this adventure together, Rossella and I, starting with the sector in which we had the greatest knowledge at the time, the basic aesthetics with predominance of Nail Art. In a short time we made ourselves known and appreciated and gradually we expanded our range of action, up to and including advanced aesthetics. The needs have changed and evolved and we are more and more in love with the machines and the results they can produce for the beauty of the face and body >>.

What equipment do you use?

<< We use Decomedical equipment. We carry out electrostimulation, radiofrequency treatments, deep endodermal massage, cavitation, pressotherapy, electrocoagulation, permanent gradual epilation with pulsed light. In short, we are specialized in a wide range of treatments with surprising results and we are literally in love with our equipment which brings us great feedback from customers >>.

Is there a treatment that is the most popular?

<< I must say that every Decomedical machine is created to achieve tangible results and therefore each one works very well on the market based on what is to be obtained or on specific aesthetic needs. For example, I love the Decoshaper, a machine that shapes the body and makes the silhouette incredibly better from the first session. In fact, whoever becomes aware of it with the first treatment, then requests it >>.

How did you get to know the Decomedical company?

<< I have to tell the truth, we met  by chance. We also needed support from a funding point of view in the early days and I found this and much more in them. We knew the machines and we contacted the company directly to see it up close. From there a world opened: a few steps from home, an important reality with great professionalism and great humanity. They hosted us for detailed descriptions of the appliances and made us feel at home. We will always bring infinite gratitude to Decomedical, we have never lacked availability and affection, and we feel part of the company itself >>.

What is your customer approach?

<< We are very keen on consulting that lasts a long time precisely to take all the necessary information and to build a complete picture of the person in front of us. This is the best way to offer our most accurate expertise. Then we take great care that the customer is completely at ease with her and we offer her a service as complete as possible thanks to the support of some external professionals, who are physiatrist, podiatrist, nutritionist, pigmentist. For medical needs of unavailability to come here in person, we also carry out a home service of basic aesthetics >>.

Mirò beauty center in Pagani

Via Marino Guerritore 38 84016 Pagani, Campania

For information +39 081 916019