“Operà” beauty center in Marsicovetere: excellence and quality with Decomedical equipment.

Maria Grosso, owner of the “Operà” beauty center in Marsico Vetere, in the province of Potenza, tells us about her experience with Decomedical equipment.

Behind the history of the “Operà” beauty center is the long one of its owner who, driven by her deepest passion for the sector and despite her young age, already boasts over twenty years of experience.

<< Since I was 13, or after graduating from middle school, my only desire was to work in the beauty sector. I fully dived into it, following my most natural and authentic inclination, so today I find myself with a really long experience behind me and with a rich background. After many years spent learning the trade in a very large center full of services offered, I have been working with one of my own for 6 years. And of this I can only be proud: a dream come true and all the professionalism acquired over time available to my customers >>.

What services does your “Operà” offer?

<< Basic aesthetics, manicures, pedicures, face and body treatments, and then a selection of machinery for skin beauty >>.

How is your center structured?

<< The restaurant is spread over about 100sqm, divided into 6 spacious and comfortable cabins, each one set up for use. We work with telephone booking, with respect for shifts and timetables, so we can manage everyday life in a serene manner in compliance with privacy and hygiene rules, essential aspects when working in this sector >>.

Which beauty treatment equipment did you decide to adopt?

<< I have the Decoshaper, to shape the body through a deep and effective endodermic massage; radiofrequency to rejuvenate the appearance of the face but also for body treatments, such as the non-invasive and painless treatment of cellulite blemishes; pulsed light for progressively definitive epilation; the machine for carrying out electrocoagulation; pressotherapy for body treatments, a real help for the well-being of the lower limbs, and Combimix for specific facial treatments all combined in a single machine. But there is something else I would like to add, namely the laser. It’s my next goal >>.

Can you identify a “workhorse” among these?

<< There is not a single device that works more than others. Let’s say that they are all used at different times of the year and give excellent feedback. The feedback from customers is excellent: satisfaction is transmitted to me, many are astonished by the results achieved >>.

Are they a purely female clientele?

<< The vast majority are girls and women, but there is also a male audience that is gradually entering this world >>.

How did you find out about Decomedical products?

<< Through a representative who suggested this company to me, not so far from where I live and work, with Italian and quality products. I was desperate, I didn’t know what to do and who to trust. There then a world opened up to me, made up of kindness, availability, convenience and humanity in addition to the professional relationship. They were very good at meeting me, offering me the necessary support starting from the opening of the business which, you know, is always quite problematic >>.

What philosophy inspires your work?

<< Give the customer the utmost respect, working on his aesthetic part without exaggeration. Not altering the personal balance and without false myths and false expectations. I think our task is to enhance everyone’s potential in the most natural and respectful way possible, without creating something unnatural and stereotyped. This is why it takes a lot of honesty to improve, beautify, without upsetting >>.

For information

Maria Grosso’s “Operà” beauty center in Marsicovetere

Address: via largo national 85050 Marsicovetere, Basilicata

Information: +39 0975 69489 cell. +39 340 8675 656

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