Not far from Naples, The Beauty Room is a place that combines quality aesthetics, relying on the specialized company Decomedical, with a beautiful family business with a strong and genuine passion.

It was born less than two years ago but already boasts excellent results and a loyal clientele that relies on the professionalism of its owner.

In San Gennaro Vesuviano, a municipality in the metropolitan city of Naples, the beauty and wellness center The Beauty Room is aimed at a very attentive and demanding public, who wants to achieve lasting results in a welcoming and familiar environment.

The center is managed by her owner Emiliana Rega, who has fulfilled a secret dream: to open her own business in the beauty sector together with her mother.

<< Working side by side with her every day provides me with the enthusiasm and energy necessary to proceed in the best possible way. A great satisfaction for us to be able to share an innate passion in both, and our beauty center is the result of our union and our understanding that goes beyond the relationship of kinship >>.

What are the services of your center?

<< The goal is to offer all-round treatments for the beauty and care of face and body, hands and feet, in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere. We specialize in body, face, anti-aging and slimming treatments, but we also offer solarium, waxing, nails, in short, we combine basic and advanced aesthetics to cover every need >>.

What kind of clientele do you have?

<< It is very varied, from young girls to more mature women, but the male one has also come very close, especially in relation to facial treatments and permanent hair removal >>.

What technology do you use?

<< We have totally relied on the made in Italy one from Decomedical. After careful research, we decided that the best was represented by this company from Campania and therefore we had no doubts in the choice. We wanted an important company that would guarantee us results and quality, but at the same time we also found exquisite people in it. So the final satisfaction was double. I must admit that even our customers constantly provide us with very positive feedback and seeing their approval is a source of great pride for us >>.

Let’s talk about beauty treatment equipment: which ones can you find at your center?

<< We have the Decoshaper, the presso Dren Digit, the radiofrequency and the pulsed light. All signed Decomedical. A nice “fleet” of the highest range and aesthetically very pleasant >>.

Which are the most demanded products?

<< As they are really in great demand, they are the endodermic massage treatment (Decoshaper), which guarantees three main actions: draining, lipolytic and toning. Truly a pearl for the beauty of the body. This is combined with the action of the pressomassage, with obvious benefits on venous and lymphatic function. But obviously a shared problem, both by women and by men, is hair, so we also work very well with pulsed light for the definitive elimination of body hair. At the moment at our center she plays it at 50% with waxing, but it is increasingly appreciated and loved for the possibility of seeing this annoying problem gradually disappear >>.

What values ​​is your concept of beauty center based on?

<< The first value above all is professionalism, demonstrated in the attention we put into constant training and in the search for the best machinery and quality products. Then there is certainly the empathic relationship with customers, with whom there is a relationship of mutual esteem. We care a lot about the human relationship as well as the professional one. Finally, a basic element in an activity like ours is the guarantee of cleanliness and hygiene, pillars to continue to be chosen and synonymous with seriousness and respect for others >>.

Has the Coronavirus, with the consequent forced closure of all activities in the sector, affected your work? If so, in what?

<< I must tell the truth, we have not encountered great difficulties following this dramatic phase. Our customers, even in this moment, are back in a great way, indeed, they have been waiting anxiously for us. Our recovery has been very positive despite everything. Even in terms of hygiene standards, our modus operandi was already oriented towards maximum cleanliness and attention, for the good and safety of us and of our customers. We have only taken some additional measures, let’s say that we have substantially widened the range, but it was not at all difficult to adapt. We already had many personal protective equipment, disposable tools, and a never saturated environment. So all in all we can thank heaven for not getting in trouble now >>.