A small island of well-being in the heart of the city, an ideal place to find the balance of the mind by being comfortable with your body.

In sunny Corigliano Calabro, where, among beautiful beaches and promenades along the seafront, the aesthetic value of a body takes on even more prominence, we find the Venus Spa Center, opened in 2014.

In these nearly six years of activity, it has now established itself as a point of reference for those who care about their well-being.

Starting out as a basic beauty center like many others, it then found its focus on the scrupulous selection of 100% natural products and on advanced aesthetic technology.

<< I immediately tried to find our strength and to specialize in high quality services and treatments – explains the owner, Aurora Messina – as I was very clear what the mission of my Center would be. Guarantee beauty and well-being at the highest levels and with the utmost preparation >>.

Tell us more about the philosophy behind your center.

<< I start from the assumption that each of us is endowed with only one body and for this reason it is our duty to take care of it. I understand the body as a great heritage to be respected and preserved over time in the most appropriate way. When a customer comes to me, he entrusts me with a very precious part of himself, and therefore my job is to do my best to enhance him >>.

What services does your center offer in terms of beauty technologies?

<< We take care of the face, with anti-aging, rebalancing treatments, crystal therapy, a highly sought-after technique. As academic operators as we are, we try to offer the best for a demanding clientele and for those looking for the result and quality of treatments. Then there are the body treatments, for which we can boast very positive feedback and customer satisfaction is tangible, with great pride on our part. And finally there is the definitive epilation, to enjoy the freedom of always being tidy, clean and with smooth skin >>.

What type of equipment do you have in your center?

<< I have selected only Decomedical equipment, which I believe to be top of the range in the sector. Safe machinery, with advanced Italian technology, efficiency of the human and technical relationship with the company, in short, the best for those like me who must guarantee safety and results. In the center we use pressotherapy, Decoshaper, radio frequency, diode laser 808, pulsed light, and also the wax heater, which is the most basic device of all in a beauty center, is from Decomedical >>.

Speaking of permanent hair removal, you have equipped yourself with both pulsed light and the Decomedical laser: how do you choose to use one or the other?

<< Yes, while pulsed light is present right from the opening, I recently wanted to introduce the laser as well, a much requested treatment that allows me to propose the choice. We inform the customer in advance and agree together which one to use. Normally, the thing I propose immediately is a test of both on a small skin part, so that each person can feel the sensation on their skin,and therefore decide with which method they feel more at ease >>.

What other services do you offer?

<< Since we care about physical needs but also psychophysical ones, we perform Shirodhara and Ayurveda massages, introduced by a welcome ritual offered to create the right empathic relationship, and by the subsequent choice of the oils that are most preferred to be applied on the own skin. In addition, for about a year we have had an unassisted area, a sort of small spa, for 2 to 6 people, with a hydromassage pool, a floating tub and a cave with Himalayan salt. It is used for example by couples to celebrate an anniversary, for moments of relaxation with friends, also usable as a gift voucher to be used within the following six months >>.

How does your center differ from others?

<< We pay close attention to privacy. For example, I prefer to make fewer appointments during the day and spend more time with each individual customer. In this way we are also able to guarantee a certain privacy and avoid waiting, so that the place can be well sanitized from one appointment to another >>.

For information:

Venus Spa Beauty Center, Corigliano Calabro.

Address: Contrada San Francesco, Via Sant ‘Emilio 87064 Corigliano Calabro (Cosenza)

Telephone number: +39329.9858557