In the province of Catanzaro, the Marilyn Aesthetic Center offers all-round services for beauty care and adopts Decomedical machinery for the best body treatments.

With a female but also male clientele, in a location not far from the enchanting Calabrian sea, the specialized beautician Maria Gugliotta has chosen to adopt the equipment produced by the Campania company Decomedical to guarantee all the quality and the most effective results at its center.

The Aesthetic Center Marilyn di lei is located in Acconia, a hamlet of the municipality of Curinga, in the province of Catanzaro, open for six years and now a point of reference in the area for its professionalism.

What services does your center offer?

<< I have a request both from the female public, usually more inclined to attend a beauty center, but also from the male one, who is very attentive to their appearance – explains the owner Maria Gugliotta -. I specialize in professional services dedicated to hands and feet, in different ways of waxing, hair removal with pulsed light, in face and body treatments, professional make-up, massages. Among the projects is to follow a course in Arabic thread and henna. But the desire to grow and improve myself is always strong >>.

How does your center develop?

<< The space is large, about 110 square meters, with predominant pink and white colors with some glitter touches, to create a modern, elegant and very clean environment. The cabins are closed and independent and, in particular, the massage cabin sees the presence of stone and LEDs, for a different, more intimate atmosphere. My attention to hygiene and organization is maximum, in fact I believe they are fundamental elements in my business >>.

What equipment do you use?

<< At the time of opening, I decided to invest in machines that in my opinion were essential in a self-respecting beauty center; that they were always valid, in short, eternal. And I chose the Decomedical ones. So I bought pulsed light, for an effective gradual permanent hair removal, much appreciated by women and men of different ages because the results are visible from the first sessions. But I’d be inclined to take the laser too. For the body treatments, on the other hand, I chose the machine to carry out pressure therapy, and the Decoshaper, ideal for in-depth massage, to firm up and to counteract annoying blemishes such as cellulite >>.

What feedback do you get from your customers?

<< My clients’ comments are excellent. The results are there and they are effective and they show me their enthusiasm every day in wanting to continue with the treatments. All this, then, is to be associated with good daily habits that I myself try to stimulate in the client. In order to create an optimal situation between correct treatments and lifestyles >>.

How did you approach the Decomedical company?

<< I met her through the company that furnished my center for the opening. I then contacted the company immediately and went in person to visit. I was able to see everything with my own eyes, from the conception phase to the finished machine. It is very interesting to be able to touch and see directly what is behind professional equipment such as Decomedical ones. And, after six years, I am fully satisfied >>.

For information

Marilyn Aesthetic Center by Maria Gugliotta

VIA MON. S. MARIA DI CANNE, SNC 88022 Curinga (Cz)

Phone: +393393650552