The quality of Decomedical equipment in Catania at the New Life beauty center: efficiency and professionalism for demanding customers.

In sunny and wonderful Catania, the New Life beauty center has been operating for three years, guaranteeing the best performance in specialized aesthetics.

We listened to her owner, Agnese Platania, who told us about her salon and the bond that unites her to Decomedical equipment.

<< I opened the salon in 2018, after a previous experience as the owner of a beauty center – she explained to us -. I specialize in basic and advanced aesthetics, and in face and body treatments, including dermopigmentation and microblading services. My center is inspired by eco design, so it is unique in its kind >>.

What inspires your business?

<< My center was born from the need to give a professional outlet to my training path (I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Aesthetic Technician at the University of Ferrara) which in itself allows me to better face different professional roles, offering me a very broad educational background. The goal is to offer a highly professional service, which goes beyond the simple definition of aesthetics, unfortunately often entrusted to unskilled personnel >>.

So what characteristics must a self-respecting beauty center possess?

<< I believe that at the base of everything there is the preparation, the competence, of the person in charge of the treatments, from the simplest to the most complex ones. I strongly believe in training and in the intellectual honesty of offering services in full compliance with safety and the results to be achieved. There is the aspect aimed at attention to the customer, with an approach oriented towards well-being in the round even at a sensorial level, and the very important aspect of hygiene care. I have a class B autoclave for deeper sterilization, to always offer due safety to my customers, and a machine that sterilizes with ozone for plastic or cardboard materials >>.

How did you get to know the Decomedical company?

<< The knowledge dates back to several years ago, precisely to 2007, at the Cosmoprof fair. Among all the companies present I was particularly struck as many of them assemble only in Italy, while Decomedical is totally Italian. And I am a strong supporter of “made in Italy”. And for this reason I decided to deepen my knowledge. My then partner, now a husband, who is an engineer, engaged in a dialogue with the owner of the company, specifically on the technical characteristics. And when I opened the center, I had no doubts in relying on Decomedical for the professional aesthetic equipment that I would use >>.

What equipment do you currently use?

<< I wanted to start with technologies that I believe are fundamental for a beauty center and that allow for 360-degree results. I have the Decoshaper, for a very deep endodermic massage, with visible results from the first sessions, and a Multistation for face treatments (for a variety of needs: hydration, anti-aging, oxygenation, microcirculation, up to an antibacterial action and reduction of redness cutaneous) >>.

Would you choose Decomedical again?

<< Without a doubt. We have been in the office and we have been able to directly appreciate the quality of the products. Also from a human point of view, I met wonderful people, and I like to mention in particular Mrs. Grazia and Mr. Marino, always available, friendly and highly professional >>.

What is the feedback from your customers?

<< As soon as the Decoshaper arrived, after a while I was incredulous for the results it achieved. And I immediately sold body packs with great success and people can no longer do without them >>.

Finally, are there machines that you would be interested in integrating for the future?

<< I am very attracted to the ultrasound machine and radiofrequency >>.

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