Design, technology and know-how. Decomedical’s success as a reliable partner for the branded contract manufacturing of equipment for the world of aesthetics revolves around these three axes.

More and more companies in Italy and around the world are relying on the great skills of the team led by CEO Lorenzo De Cola to see what are often their own projects transformed into reality, but which require careful experience to be realized.

The great pliability of Decomedical’s production department allows it to provide efficient and comprehensive answers to clients quickly.

“We have always manufactured equipment also on behalf of third parties,” explains Lorenzo De Cola. “The fact that we are designers, manufacturers and assemblers of the product puts us in an advantageous position compared to other competitors.

The latest successful case history concerns a Milanese distributor of electromedical equipment for aesthetics.

After approaching several suppliers, it crossed paths with the Campania-based company before lockdown, from which it commissioned one of its machines that was widespread worldwide.

“Now it has been three years that our collaboration has been going on successfully,” says an enthusiastic Lorenzo De Cola.

Producing aesthetic equipment for other brands is not just a matter of assembling parts and affixing a different logo.

So many aspects need to be evaluated, from the use of software to electronic devices to certification.

This last aspect is crucial so that the machine does not lose the authorizations that allow it to be placed on markets around the world: even a simple modification is enough to compromise its certification.

Currently, Decomedical manufactures machinery for brands with corporate headquarters in Italy, the United States, Peru, Germany, the United Kingdom, Malta, France and Poland.

The Campania-based company’s competitive advantage lies in being one of the few companies in its market segment that not only manufactures and assembles, but also designs.

“Having a single interlocutor for the two main phases, design and production, means reducing time but also costs. This is a big advantage for us. That we combine with our 3D printers, which are another feather in our cap.”

The new 3D printers in use at Decomedical make it possible to make, in little time, any kind of modification to the project, managing to customize each piece of equipment according to the wishes of the customer, who will end up with a product that perfectly adheres to his design.

“We are competitive, flexible and quick in carrying out any intervention. And sometimes,” De Cola concludes, “our know-how gained over many years of activity allows us to identify bugs to the projects on which we intervene by going to make the project presented by customers more performant.

And for this form of assistance, clients hardly part with Decomedical.