Decomedical promotes made in Italy in Argentina and is full of consensus at Baas 2022, the most important congress of aesthetic and dermatological sciences in Latin America, which took place in the past days in Buenos Aires.

The italian company, in partnership with Med Surgical, met over three thousand professionals who animated the three days in Argentina dedicated to medicine and cosmetic surgery.

“Five years after my last participation, I have re-embraced the warmth, competence and great professionalism that a land very close to us, Argentina, offers in the field of aesthetic medicine and dermatology” underlines Lorenzo De Cola, CEO of Decomedical.

The enthusiasm and involvement found around the brand which, for over thirty years, has been dedicated to the design and production of beauty equipment, focusing mainly on the technical quality of its products and on technological innovation, have been a great injection. trusted by the entire Decomedical staff.

«The feedback received was all of the highest quality. The machines that we presented at Baas 2022, namely our laser, pulsed light, radiofrequency, pressotherapy – explains Lorenzo De Cola – have all met the favor of doctors and professionals, who have appreciated their quality and design. and also competitiveness with respect to other products ».

Participation in the eighth edition of the congress that was held in the Argentine capital also marks the return to the exhibition activities in presence for the Italian company, which was able to probe the changes, requests and attention that the market requires in a phase of recovery.

“There is a great desire to invest in work and product quality – notes De Cola -. From this point of view, our company is absolutely leader, thanks to that made in Italy which is our trademark and is perceived everywhere as an added value that confers beauty as well as high standards in terms of efficiency ».