With the passion and preparation that distinguish the owner, Iole De Caro, the beauty center of Agropoli “Il Bellessere” represents a reference for anyone who wants to feel pampered in an absolutely relaxing, intimate and professional environment.

<< Mine is certainly a tiring job, since there are so many different tasks to carry out a beauty center in the best possible way, but I can say that when I set foot in my center, I forget everything. This is my kingdom. The hours go by and I don’t even realize it and when I get home, more than tiredness, I feel the energy that my work offers me in return. >>

Here is what the manager Iole tells us, explaining her profession, for almost nine years at the helm of “Il Bellessere”, but with over two decades of experience behind her. What then, how did this particular name come about?

I wanted to communicate the essence of my center from the name. It is no coincidence that the writing in the waiting room better explains the philosophy: “Beauty is Being … Being there will be Beautiful … welcome to Bellessere”. I focused a lot on the emotional aspect, as all the services I offer to the customers are permeated with emotions and empathy. It is no coincidence that my work takes place a lot through word of mouth, with satisfied customers who advise what they feel, feeling in a safe and trustworthy environment >>.

What services does your center offer?

<< We also deal with basic aesthetics, such as hands, feet, gel, semi-permanent, waxing (for which the Brazilian is the most popular) or Arab thread for facial hair, but we stand out for our advanced aesthetics. First of all I want to emphasize our massage service, for which I have a personal love as I started this job by doing the massages. I specialize in the anti-stress one, in the Mamy one for pregnant women, in personalized emotional massages, for which I use special tools including spoons, sea sponges, in short, a wide range of choice in the name of personal well-being. And then the customer comes here for the technologies, for which I myself have a strong passion and which I love to carry out >>.

What technologies has Decomedical adopted so far?

<< I have the DECOSHAPER, for endodermic treatments, and the DECOLASER, the Decomedical 808 diode laser, for definitive hair removal. In the first case, I think that you can hardly find something like this around: it is a truly excellent product, unique and with amazing results. As for the laser, certainly by now many are equipped with it, but I must admit that many customers who came here have told us that, despite having already experienced this treatment elsewhere, they notice an abysmal difference, preferring my Decolaser without any doubt >> .

What are the feedbacks from your customers about the 808 diode laser you use?

<< They tell me that the cold handpiece does not make you feel any pain, that the session is very pleasant, that after 3-4 sessions the hair loss is evident and the results are beyond all expectations. My customers’ satisfaction is sincerely maximum.>>

In conclusion, how does your business differ in your opinion?

<< First of all for an appropriate and sincere use of the proposed treatments, with state-of-the-art equipment, safe and with real results. But I could also say for the initial consultation, which is not taken for granted, in which I do a sort of interview with the person who comes to visit me at the center to understand his general situation well and direct him to the most suitable path. Even if I have to go against my interests, I always put actions done with conscience above everything >>.

Beauty center: The beauty in Agropoli

Owner: Iole De Caro

Information and reservations: 345 836 8058