On January 27th, the beauty center  celebrated its first four years of activity  dedicated to women but also to men, with a view to offering high-level beauty and wellness services.

The beauty center In My Hands, in the heart of Baronissi (Salerno), puts itself at the service of its customers with care and attention, guaranteeing cutting-edge treatments and equipment.

A very wide range of activities, ranging from classic waxing to highly professional actions for the latest generation of body beauty.

Lia Gaeta, her owner, describes the services offered by the jewel of her beauty with extreme sympathy and cordiality.

<< Here you can find many services: solarium, facial treatments, manicures and pedicures, including curative ones, gel and nail reconstruction, sauna and steam bath, but also slimming treatments, permanent hair removal, massages including anti-cellulite, anti-fatigue, and we also wanted to include a special one for pregnant women, the Mamy massage. Super relaxing and extremely delicate for all women who are living this exciting experience that is expecting a child >>.

What can be considered your strengths, the ones you are best known for?

<< I would start with weight loss, for which my approach to the client is wide-ranging. If there are a lot of liquids I start with massage sessions, if there is a need I involve a nutritionist for the part of her competence to achieve the desired result, I also always try to eliminate toxins through scrubs, Turkish baths, steam baths. As for the equipment, we use the latest Decomedical ones: Decoshaper (endodermic massage), Decofrequency (radiofrequency), but also ultrasound and electrostimulator. Two other strengths, face treatments and permanent hair removal, for both of which I am proud to say that customers show me enthusiasm and very positive feedback >>.

Focusing on permanent hair removal, what can we say about it?

<< The methods for obtaining this result, so longed for by women in particular, are essentially two: pulsed light and laser. Based on the type of hair and complexion, I adjust accordingly whether to use one or the other solution. But often clients ask me explicitly which method they prefer. This often happens with the much loved laser. Also in this case, the choice at the time of purchase fell on Decomedical equipment, synonymous with quality and guarantee for us operators and for the customer >>.

What are the advantages of a permanent hair removal treatment?

<< The skin becomes smooth, in both cases (pulsed light and laser), and these methods can be used for both the face and the body. Low prices and amazing results. No pain, no contraindications (other than avoiding exposure to the sun and not doing the treatment while taking antibiotics and steroids), maximum effectiveness. And the customers prove it to us. Some of them have come to do the laser under the advice of the dermatologist, others continue the treatment if only to make the skin very smooth. More than 80% of the hair is permanently eliminated, with a simple maintenance of a couple of sessions a year >>.

The Decolaser device – 808 nm diode laser will therefore also surprise your customers.

I am fine and I am happy to have it here in my center. I also use it on myself. I use many Decomedical machines and if I had to choose again today, I would choose them with my eyes closed, without the slightest hesitation. Even during the week of August I contacted assistance and they immediately sent me a technician. Maximum professionalism and safety for me and for my beloved clientele. I couldn’t ask for something better >>.

For information:

Beauty center: In My Hands in Baronissi (Salerno)

Phone: +39 089 984 6083

Headquarters of the center: Via San Francesco d’Assisi N 77 / A 84081 Baronissi

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