It is a beautiful family story that lies behind the center of Naples “Istituto Estetica Donna 2000”, a reference for about 50 years in Naples, in the Soccavo area, for the beauty and care of women.

A long and rewarding journey, a tradition passed from mother to daughter, a small oasis of well-being, a familiar and intimate place that offers every service for personal well-being.

It all begins with Mrs. Tonia, well known in the area and appreciated for her qualities of friendliness, conviviality and professionalism in basic aesthetics.

Still very active at the center, in providing her invaluable support in terms of experience and proven expertise, she has been supported for over twenty years by her daughter Simona Catalano, now the backbone of the Institute, who introduced specialized aesthetics.

<< I dedicate myself more to treatments, they are a great passion and they give us great satisfaction. – She explains to us – I followed in my mother’s footsteps, trying to introduce innovative techniques and cutting-edge technologies from time to time >>.

What services does your center offer?

<< We have those of basic aesthetics, among which I want to highlight the curative pedicure for which I followed a specific course that brought me a specialization in this discipline, and then those relating to specialized aesthetics, for which I highlight in particular the degree in dermoaesthetics which leads me to have a very professional approach. I also care a lot about special massages, such as biodynamic, zero stress, lymphatic drainage, both manual and through. And here the machinery takes over, which we have always chosen with great care>>.

What kind of Decomedical equipment do you use?

I took Pressodren just a year ago, for the resolution of many problems including the widespread water retention, and I must say that the customers who have tried it find significant differences compared to other treatments done previously. And then the beloved diode Decolaser 808, a gem. I have only been using it for a year and the customers are fully satisfied: it boasts a very advanced technology compared to other equipment and now waxing has been abandoned by many >>.

What prompted you to buy Decomedical equipment?

It was not me, but my mother, many years ago. She got her supplies from a dealer because she had already guessed the value of these machines in the past. Then by chance we met the owners at the fair in Naples and we approached them, gradually establishing a relationship that then went beyond the sale. First of all, they boast equipment that is truly unrivaled in terms of efficiency and professionalism. Then what I particularly love is the family structure of their reality, which also reflects our concept of work, or family >>.

The value of the family is therefore back, synonymous with trust.

<< It is a very important reality, but it has left the familiar, convivial and genuine dimension unaltered. I am constantly available, I can always count on telephone assistance, remotely, but also direct and above all human. I couldn’t ask for anything better, really >>.

What are the strengths of your center?

<< Certainly, as mentioned above, the convivial, familiar and intimate imprint we have given. For instance, some customers come here even for a short treatment and then stay for herbal tea and a chat. But we also have a customer, in particular, from 45 years ago who continues to come because she is loyal and affectionate, like so many others over the years who have never abandoned us. Then the quality of the treatments offered, supported by used equipment and products, is also praised by doctors who follow some clients for problems between aesthetics and health. For me it is a joy to have the positive feedback of the treatments directly from the doctor who is treating them. An honour. Because what inspires my work is precisely the union between aesthetic beauty, inner well-being and the more purely medical-health dimension >>.

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Women’s Aesthetics Institute 2000

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Telephone +39 081 767 6635