Attention to the customer and constant pursuit of excellence in aesthetics make Manie di Bellezza in Taranto a renowned center that uses professional Decomedical equipment.

Talking about professional aesthetics presupposes putting the satisfaction and safety of the customer first, who relies with the best of hopes on the resolution of their physical problems.

A very popular discipline, especially in a society that provides the aesthetic aspect with considerable importance, but which increasingly embraces psychological and health dynamics, in order to ensure the general well-being of the person.

For this reason, those who work in this sector in an optimal way show a wide-ranging interest that goes beyond the purely aesthetic dynamics in the more traditional sense.

An example is Sara Romano, owner of the Manie di Bellezza Center located in Taranto, which has always been divided between a thousand commitments, interests and specializations that have made it (in a constant and enterprising path) a reference in terms of safety and professionalism.

<< I specialize in aesthetic technology, with courses at the company headquarters, I constantly attend advanced courses around Italy, but I am also a teacher at an aesthetic school, gym instructor, I attend the hairdressing school. In short, the passion, the curiosity and the desire to get involved and learn allow me to be prepared in a wide range of disciplines >>.

At its center, opened in 2017, it offers basic aesthetic services but also the best state-of-the-art equipment for high-performance advanced aesthetic treatments.

<< When I decided three years ago to open Manie di Bellezza, my goal was to specialize in new technology equipment to guarantee targeted, safe and effective treatments. So I relied on the Decomedical company, which assured me of cutting-edge machinery made in Italy, high performance, attractive design and maximum professionalism. I went directly to the company, accustomed as I am to doing nothing at random, seeing for myself and touching what interests me firsthand. And I must say that also from a human point of view I have found people available and lovable, as well as excellent professionals >>.

What equipment do you use from Decomedical, and for what kind of treatments?

<< In my beauty center I use the Ultrasound machine for face cleaning, Radiofrequency for face and body, Combymix 7 which combines high frequency, galvanic, stim lift, depil system complex, podo system and vacuum and brush systems, Pressotherapy and the Endomassage, which is a bit of the “spearhead” >>.

What kind of clientele does your center have?

<< It is purely feminine, but I must say that it is very varied. From girls to more mature ladies. Surely the common denominator among all is the search for real results in a comfortable and safe environment >>.

You live and work in a seaside area, where the body certainly assumes a certain value as it is shown for a good part of the year.

<< Of course, the body is highly regarded in my area, so there is certainly a significant interest in aesthetics. But as far as I’m concerned, I believe that the first rule of beauty is to like oneself, to make oneself beautiful for oneself, not exclusively to show oneself to others. Therefore, greater attention is welcome in view of the summer months, but my advice is to take care of yourself throughout the year, to always feel good about yourself, satisfied and satisfied with your image. Only by pleasing oneself will one be able to please others >>.

What are the beauty treatments that are the most popular?

<< The endomassage is a real must, the perfect ally to combat blemishes, above all the very widespread cellulite. This is combined with radiofrequency technology which, through a non-invasive action, really manages to reshape the silhouette. A more beautiful, brighter and firmer body is every woman’s dream, and certainly the professional machinery of a state-of-the-art beauty center can help you achieve very satisfying results without risk >>.

A very important aspect of a beauty center is that it is related to hygiene standards.

<< Our customers have always trusted us with confidence, because we have always adopted any precaution in terms of hygiene, sterilization and mutual safety devices. I am pleased to receive positive feedback from our customers and perceive their satisfaction. This is an essential element to be credible and reliable in this sector >>.

What is your approach to the customer, your working philosophy?

<< First of all, I love this job, I chose it and I am passionate about well-being and all-round beauty. For these reasons I live it totally and full of enthusiasm. I like to always welcome the customer with a smile, giving him energy. Then from the point of view of the approach to the profession, I base everything on sincerity: when I undertake a path with the client I make a preventive visit to understand what needs to be done and what not, but above all where it can be reached in concrete and realistic terms.  Without selling dreams or miracles >>.

Finally, any plans for the future?

<< Being able to count on a very spacious structure, the programs include the opening of an area dedicated to hair care. I am following the school to become a hairdresser, so I would like to expand the center to offer beauty and well-being in a truly total way. From head to toe, in the true sense of the word >>.

Aesthetic Center Manie di Bellezza Taranto

Address: Via Dante Alighieri, 234 74121 Taranto

Telephone number: 099 696 0455