Opened in San Gregorio Magno in the province of Salerno in June 2019, the Gerardina Robertazzi Beauty Institute is a center specializing in basic and advanced aesthetics, with professional services for personal care and beauty.

What services does your beauty center offer?

<< I have a cabin for aesthetic and curative pedicure, a cabin for face and body treatments, relaxing and slimming / anti-cellulite massages, a hand and make-up station and a solarium cabin – explains the owner – The products used are highly professional, dedicated to the female audience but also to the male one, as well as the equipment used. There is never a shortage of services and packages designed specifically for every customer’s needs, so that they can find here everything they are looking for with the highest quality >>.

What equipment of the Decomedical company did you choose at the moment?

<< I have equipped myself with a diode laser, an excellent machine that guarantees surprising results from the very first sessions. This is a transversal service, highly requested by women but also by men, especially for the chest, back and cheekbones areas >>.

Is this a suitable period to start a permanent gradual hair removal treatment?

<< Surely the optimal period is October-November, in short, the autumn period following the typical summer sun exposure. But even now is the right time to start in order to arrive at the beginning of summer with very noticeable results. The skin will be much smoother, cleaner and certainly free of that annoying intrusive hair, to experience the summer season with less stress and always at ease. The results are truly amazing and for this reason it is a machine that cannot be done without >>.

How did you know Decomedical?

<< At the fair in Naples in 2017. Initially I was simply attracted by the fact that it was a company from Campania. Then I started hearing about it very well from colleagues and experts in the sector, and so I decided to go to the company to learn more. I found maximum availability and a lot of kindness >>.

Opening her beauty center was a dream come true for her. What are your goals for the future?

<< The field of aesthetics is constantly updated, and my intention is therefore always to study and continually improve myself. So I will certainly continue along my current path doing it at my best, but with an eye that is always ready to offer more and more complete services in line with the times >>.

A further service concerning your beauty center is linked to the booking of sessions.

<< Yes, I wanted to find a technological method that would help the customer in booking and that would provide him with a reminder. When I take reservations by phone, I immediately enter the data in an automatic system that sends the customer the booking confirmation and, the day before the appointment, sends a reminder to the mobile phone. It is a service that even the customers themselves can use independently, avoiding telephone calls, and doing everything electronically. It greatly simplifies the booking system and automatically provides the necessary information >>.

Aesthetic Center Gerardina Robertazzi

Via Largo Umberto I ° 84020 San Gregorio Magno Sa

For information +39 3668034975