Brushing technology

Brushing technology uses mechanical energy to perform a deep cleansing of the epidermis, removing the stratum corneum with the help of different applicators.


The method and operation

In aesthetic treatments, various machines are used that operate on the customer independently or with minimal interventions by the aesthetic operator. Technologies and machinery that exploit mechanical energy not only make the work of the aesthetic operator less laborious, but can significantly improve the effectiveness and result of treatments thanks to more uniform and precise mechanisms.

Through the use of special applicators, the brush system produces mechanical energy by means of brushing. The brush system performs a deep cleansing action of the epidermis, removing the stratum corneum with the aid of different applicators, and allowing, through a peeling and stimulation of the microcirculation, to prepare the skin for the subsequent stages of treatment.

Benefits of the brushing technique

This technology is designed for deep cleaning of the epidermis, by means of mechanical brushing, to be precise, “brush system”. This technique removes impurities and sebum, allowing a total cleansing and purification of the skin. In addition, the compression and decompression effect carried out on interstitial fluids restores tone and elasticity to the skin, from the first treatment the skin of the face and body is:

  • more vital
  • fresh and bright
  • soft and smooth to the touch
  • with a relaxing effect caused by the massage of the brushes
  • skin stimulation effect
  • skin peeling


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