Diode laser 808 technology for the progressive elimination of unwanted hair.

Latest generation diode 808 laser.

What is the diode 808 laser?

Diode laser technology is a highly innovative, safe and high-quality system designed specifically for the progressive elimination of unwanted hair.

The diode 808 laser is characterised by the emission of monochromatic and unidirectional waves that allow the elimination of the hair bulb and the cells that determine the regeneration of the hair itself.

How does laser hair removal work?

The operating principle of laser epilation is the physical principle of light: the laser emits a beam of unidirectional, monochromatic waves at a frequency that selectively affects the melanin contained in dark-coloured hair on fair complexions, overheating and distorting the vital structures.

The decolaser, 808 diode laser produced by Decomedical, besides being painless, thanks to an excellent cooling system of the device, favours a reduction in the quantity and diameter of the hair, as well as a very slow regrowth, if any, thanks to the elimination of the hair bulb.

The advantages of laser epilation

Laser epilation carried out with decolaser has a number of advantages: first, it is a rapid treatment that allows you to obtain extremely effective and satisfactory results after each session. In addition, it is valid for every skin phototype, guaranteeing maximum safety for the aesthetic operator and for the health of the skin of those who undergo the treatment: the melanin present in the hair absorbs the light energy of the laser that strikes only and exclusively the hair follicle, not affecting the skin in the surrounding area.

This avoids folliculitis following the tearing caused by waxing, which can cause inflammation, irritation and the appearance of ingrown hairs.


Decolaser: laser hair removal for beauty salons

Laser epilation perfectly represents the concept of maximising profit in a short time and with great results: thanks to the speed of the treatments, the time in the cabin is considerably reduced compared to other techniques such as pulsed light, furthermore the treatment can be carried out during all seasons of the year, determining continuity, effectiveness and long-term satisfaction.

Decolaser M: laser hair removal for medical aesthetic clinics

The 808 nm diode laser represents the quid that can define and conclude a more specific and well focused aesthetic program, with respect to the all-round care of the dermis of the patient approaching an aesthetic medicine clinic where to undergo photo-epilation treatments.


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