Decosan Turbo Jet: Professional Sanitizer for Big Environments

From the Decomedical Research Laboratories we introduce Decosan Turbo Jet Device to sanitize indoor surfaces and environments of 400m³ maximum size.

Decosan Turbo Jet is a high-tech sanitizer suitable for sanitizing medium and big indoor environments, professional studios, laboratories, shops.

Decosan Turbo Jet: Professional Sanitizer for Big Environments

Decosan Turbo Jet is a practical and safe tool which exploits the synergy of the bactericide, virucide and germicide properties of the Hydrogen Peroxide and of the UV-C lamp.

The main action is performed by the vaporization of Hydrogen Peroxide diluted 3%.

The Vapor-Phase Hydrogen Peroxide (VHPH) is registered by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as sterilizing agent and performs its disinfectant action in indoor environments and on interior surfaces where it is used for sanitizing.

The Hydrogen Peroxide is a non-toxic and bio solution: as a matter of fact, it is 100% biodegradable decomposing in water and oxygen. The Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide does not alter any materials and components that get in contact with it; in short time, after having ventilated the sanitized room, it is possible to resume standard activities in it.

The Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide has chemical-physical characteristics that make it compatible with different materials (such as wood, glass, metal, plastic, tissues and electronic instrumentations) without damaging them over the time.

The action/benefit of Decosan Turbo Jet is enhanced thanks to the UV-C lamp activation which allows to produce an additional germicidal effect. The UV-C lamp is placed in each of the two rotating nozzles for the steam emission. The steam flow can be adjusted in the most suitable direction. In few minutes, Decosan Turbo Jet transforms the liquid hydrogen peroxide into vapor and delivers it in the environment to sanitize.

Decosan Turbo Jet allows to program the start time of the sanitization process and to set the cubic meters of the indoor environment to sanitize. In this way, the device is activated at distance without the presence of any operator in the room to sanitize.

Thanks to a personalised APP, the tablet allows to manage the commands of the device at distance with even the possibility to activate contemporary and through the same tablet maximum four devices at distance, in case the indoor area to sanitize is bigger than 400m³.

An alarm will be displayed on the tablet by advising the lack of liquid with immediate interruption of the sanitization process and successive activation of the stand-by mode of the device.

Decosan Turbo Jet does not need of any maintenance intervention.


Technical Specifications

Protection Class: I
Power supply: 230V 50-60Hz
Dimensions: 40x22x95h
Net weight: 14kg
Fuses: 2 fuses of type 10AT
Maximum power consumption: 1800 Watt
Liquid capacity: 5L
Hydrogen Peroxide consumption: 2L/h
Adjustable steam flow direction: 90°

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