The Method

Electrostimulation is an effective technique for muscle and metabolic reactivation that is frequently used in the treatment of cellulite and localized adiposity. Performed with certain programs and combined with light physical activity, it can produce a clear aesthetic improvement. Muscle is a metabolically active tissue, therefore an increase in muscle tone through electrical stress leads to an increase in the basal metabolism, and a consequent lipolysis in the vicinity of the treated body area.


This treatment is able to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, producing an aesthetic improvement comparable to that of an aerobic workout.

The operating principle is very simple and reproduces the process activated during a voluntary muscle contraction. With electrostimulation, the excitation of the muscle is produced directly on the motor nerve by controlled electrical impulses.

The results: body sculpting, new muscle volume

 Electrostimulation can be used for different purposes, and its function can be directed towards a specific goal by varying the parameters of pulse type, frequency, duration and intensity.

In fact, with this treatment, it is possible to obtain optimal and rapid results for:

  • a flat and defined abdomen;
  • stimulate and tone the buttock muscles, counteracting imperfections (cellulite and localized fat);

The technology performs a complete body modeling, face and body toning action, fights cellulite, increases cell metabolism and has a beneficial effect on lymphatic and blood circulation. The skin is firmer, more compact, smoother.

Electrostimulation allows the muscles to acquire volume, strength and endurance and allows localized fat reserves to be burned, thanks to the increase in basal metabolism.


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