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decolaser - diode laser

decolaser - diode laser

Decolaser 808 nm is the latest and revolutionary diode laser epilation system.

Decolaser at the defocalized diode is a technology that emits a laser light with a wavelength of 808nm and allows to perform aesthetic treatments of epilation progressively definitive effective and safe. The photo epilation consists in striking the matrix of the hair bulb with the laser light with a wavelength of 808nm, raising the temperature and favoring, in this way, the process of selective photothermolysis.

Thanks to a high-performance system for cooling the device and the high speed of execution of the treatments, Decolaser allows spot sequences from 1 to 12Hz. With this combination you can make short sessions and with lasting results.The "tablet" for the exclusive use of the innovative remote control system "BTS - Bluetooth Touch System" is a new ally in the cabin and allows immediate assistance.


Tablet with "app" intuitive, simple and personalized in Bluetooth connection to the equipment software: allows you to manage the device commands even remotely facilitating the operator in setting the parameters with assistance not only visual but also with revolutionary voice assistance.

Quick and immediate software support and assistance: with simple replacement of the tablet.

Light and ergonomic handpiece: to considerably facilitate the operator in the execution of treatments.

Water cooling system, with installation of internal cooling unit: for more comfortable treatments and to preserve a long life of the diode.

Skin cooling system with cooled metal tip: this allows to cool the skin for a long time, bringing maximum comfort to the client during the treatment.

Program "Wizard" with suggestion of the "ranges" of the values within which you can perform photo diode laser hair removal in maximum safety for the operator and the client based on the characteristics of the subject to be treated.

"Quick Procedure" program for personalized treatments.




Wavelength: 808 nm
Diode cooling: to water
Skin cooling system: yes
Included applications: Hair removal
Spot size: 11 x 22 mm = 2,42 cm²
Maximum fluency: 40 J/ cm²
Pulse duration: 30 - 300 ms
Repetition frequency: 1-12 Hz
Diode duration efficiency: 10.000.000 spot
Supply voltage: 230 V 50-60 Hz
Overall dimensions: 64 x 35 x 98 cm
Weight: 42,5 kg
Fuse: 2 da 10 AT
Maximum consumption: 2200 Watt
User interface: TABLET

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