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decopeel - microdermoabrasion

decopeel - microdermoabrasion

It is a non invasive, exfoliating and regenerating procedure which uses crystals of aluminium oxide to give a more youthful look back to the skin. The crystals cause a light abrasion on the skin and at the same time they get rid of all the dead skin cells off the top epidermal layer. In this way, the subcutaneous layer come to the surface completely tonic and compact. 

The device is essentially an electronic vacuum for the skin -  the micro crystals are released on the skin through an handle piece, causing a smoothing effect. Then, the crystals together with the dead skin cells are suctioned back (through the same handle piece), into a special container for powder deposit (to throw into the garbage afterwards).



Power supply: 230v 50-60 Hz
Overall dimensions: 48x24x37 cm
Weight: 7 Kg
Maximum output power: 800 mbar
Fuses: 2 da 800 mAT
Power consumption: 65 Watt

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