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decosun HG5 - solarium

decosun HG5 - solarium

It is a high pressure Sun Shower for an uniform and natural tanning. Thanks to a power controller which distinguishes 4 intensity levels, Decosun HG5 allows all skin types to be tanned in standard times, with a considerable advantage for clients. It is also important to point out the significant energy savings thanks to the light concentration produced  by 30 lamps of 600 W with dichroic parables, distributed in 5 columns. Decosun HG5 Sun Shower is a very functional and safe equipment thanks to the following characteristics:




Power supply: 400v 50-60 Hz
Overall dimensions: 130x130x240 cm
Weight: 450 Kg
Number of lamps: 30
Tipo lampada: 600 W
Power consumption: 19.000 W
Parables type: hemispherical star shape
Fuses: 3 da 40 A
Minimum cabine dimension: 185 x 140 cm
Lamp product air volume: 3.400 m3/h
Air volume product climate: 9.600 m3/h

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