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decosun HG6P - solarium

decosun HG6P - solarium

Decosun HG6P esafacial for face is the solarium of the future. It uses 6 lamps for face, disposed with different angles, studied with complex tridimensional software. This allows Decosun HG6 P to reach potential full tan in just 8 minutes. Furthermore the use of dichroic parables increase energy efficiency and tan performance. Some characteristics of Decosun are:




Power supply: 380v 50-60 Hz
Dimension: 113x1125x145 cm
Weight: 190 Kg
Number of  lamps (face): 6
Power of lamps (face): 650 W
Number of  lamps (hand): 10
Total power: 5000 W
Parables type: Dichroich
Radio FM Hi-Fi: standard
Minimum cabine dimension: 190 x 125 cm
Type of current: three phase current flow (5-pole plug)
Hot air flow: 2.500 m3/h

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