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decotron - ultrasounds

decotron - ultrasounds

It is ideal for the treatment against “strong” cellulitis, hard to treat.

The main effects are: better blood circulation with muscles and skin tone improvement; muscle relaxation; increase of the tissue regenerative strength; metabolic liquids and slags removal. The device uses low frequency ultrasound waves of 1 Mhz / 3 Mhz and is very efficient to treat hard cellulite.



Power supply: 230v 50-60 Hz
Overall dimensions: 29x24x35 cm
Weight: 3 Kg
Functioning: Continuous+Pulsed
Interchangeable heads: 1.5 Wcmq max / 3MHz 3Wcmq max
Fuses: 2 of 1 AT
Power consumption: 50 Watt
Out ultrasound frequency: 1 MHz - 3 MHz
Timer: 0-99 minutes

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