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fiera camini e termocamini castielloTrade Fairs are both the oldest and the most modern form of communication. The oldest because, at least in the form of the travelling markets, their origins date back to the dawn of time.

In the meeting points of roads or waterways were held markets, where villages stood and developed new activities. The fairs are, however, among the most modern forms of communication and are in fact testing ground and laboratory for the same communication and marketing. The fairs allow Castiello Fireplace to have a direct interaction with customers, to listen, to share their experiences and their needs.

Thanks to the fairs Castiello Fireplace and Thermo-Fireplace can reach out and touch your target market, we know and meet competitors and operators of other productive sectors, in short, a set of experiences that we do not want and we can never give up.

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05 August 2021

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