Design, prototyping and third party production: discover the world of Decomedical production laboratories

Decomedical has been dedicated to the design and production of beauty equipment for over thirty years, and has done so by focusing mainly on the technical quality of its products and technological innovation.

In the Decomedical laboratories, a specialised team carries out constant research into the most innovative technologies for professional aesthetics, taking advantage of the advice of doctors and experts in the sector.

The products are followed through all the production phases, according to strict protocols that guarantee quality, safety and functionality.
Every single phase of production is taken care of in detail and the final product is the result of an industrial process carried out with the utmost care and precision.

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We make innovative and safe products for advanced beauty and aesthetics professionals

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    We collaborate with electronics experts, professional designers, doctors, and beauty experts to design advanced technologies with unique design

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    Customization of aesthetic technologies quickly with high-tech tools such as 3D printers

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    Complete and constantly updated production pipeline in harmony with beauty and wellness industry needs.

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