Highly specialized laboratories, design and thirty years of know-how for the design of safe, cutting-edge and highly performing technologies and aesthetic equipment

Research & Development

A technical-scientific team made up of electronic and computer engineers, aesthetic doctors, specialised technicians and graphic designers, is dedicated on a daily basis to the study and realisation of new, safe, high-tech and advanced technologies. The design, 3D moulding, production, assembly and testing of all aesthetic and medical machinery takes place in the laboratories of the Italian company’s headquarters. Decomedical’s goal is to produce the highest level of technology for aesthetic operators, doctors, and, of course, patients and users of treatments performed with our machinery.

We search for unique solutions with the best systems and materials available on the market, and we do so with the utmost transparency and passion for the world of aesthetics and wellness.

3D printers & product customisation

Since 2011, our laboratory and production department have been using innovative 3D printers for the prototyping of handpieces and equipment components. This allows us to facilitate the customisation process of technologies for third-party production, as well as to make any changes to projects very quickly. The advantage is that we are high-performance and flexible in the realisation of every intervention, modification to the projects designed or presented.

Third party production & private label

Decomedical has been a reliable partner for the contract manufacture of professional beauty equipment for over thirty years.

The know-how, thirty years’ experience and innovation that characterise our production allow us to meet the requirements of other partners and companies in the sector, and customise products according to any request.

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