Endodermic Massage Technology 

What is endodermic massage?

Endodermic massage is an aesthetic treatment that activates both venous and arterial circulation, allowing greater oxygenation of the tissues with the consequent activation of intercellular exchanges.

It is also an effective technique from a purely aesthetic point of view as it helps to counteract localized adiposity, imperfections such as cellulite, “orange peel” skin, sagging skin.

How does endodermic massage work?

This type of aesthetic treatment uses a vacuum pressure system, associated with the action of rollers mounted on a handpiece, which are made to slide on the skin of the body.

The handpieces exert intermittent pressure on the skin, generating an elective action of the subcutaneous connective tissue.

The union between the positive and negative pressure exerted on the skin and on the adipose accumulations during the treatment causes a vertical detachment of the subcutaneous fat mass which is redistributed evenly on the surface of the body.

The redistribution of fats promotes the elimination of fat cells and the remodeling of the silhouette. Furthermore, the manipulation of tissues increases blood vessel circulation and cellular oxygenation, firming and restoring the skin.

The advantages of endodermic massage for the beauty centers:

Endodermic massage is a minimally invasive treatment that can guarantee excellent results from the first sessions, ensuring effectiveness and well-being.

Among the main benefits of endodermic massage we can mention the improvement of lymphatic circulation, the toning of the tissues, the attenuation of skin relaxation, the contrast of localized adiposity and imperfections, as well as the purification of toxins and excess body fluids.


The advantages of professional Endoshaper for beauty centers:

The endoshaper allows to obtain optimal benefits both for the aesthetic operator and for the users who benefit from the treatment:

The aesthetic operator can replace the manual kneading massage, traditionally carried out in the cabin with a duration of about an hour, with the localized endodermic treatment, performed with the endoshaper machine, in shorter times (lasting about thirty minutes) and with less expenditure of energy during the execution of the treatment, thanks to the mechanical action performed by the endoshaper. All this translates into profit for the beauty center, with the acquisition, management and satisfaction of a greater number of customers.

The end users who will undergo the endodermal treatment will not feel any kind of difference between the manual massage and that performed with the technology. They will certainly appreciate the physical benefits and visible results from the first sessions, thanks to the reduction of the imperfections of the orange peel and localized adiposity.


The advantages of the Professional Endoshaper M for Medical Studies:

The Endoshaper M device used for body treatments allows you to perform various specific actions in a single treatment such as: lipolytic action, toning action, draining and modeling action, with excellent visible results from the first session. Endoshaper M can be used for face and décolleté treatments, with vacuum cup applicators of 3 different sizes, it determines the improvement of tissue oxygenation and stimulation of the blood and lymphatic circulation, restoring a smooth and luminous appearance to asphyxiated and hypotonic skin. Using customizable programs, patient databases and nine localized pre-set programs, this technology ensures optimal, safe, and long-lasting results for aesthetic medical practices.


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