Galvanic – Professional Face System

One technology, different treatments to regenerate the skin


The galvanic current is used for aesthetic treatments of skin toning and regeneration: through the massaging action of the current, they help channel the power of the current onto the cells and increase blood circulation.

With the application of galvanic current that alternates positive and negative energy, it is possible to renew and stimulate cellular exchange in the dermis to combat wrinkles and photoaging, as well as restoring radiance and freshness to the face.

The positive galvanic current, in particular, helps to remove toxins and impurities, while the negative galvanic current favors the transport of nutrients into the blood, resulting in toning and elasticity results.

How it works:

Galvanic technology uses a direct, continuous and regular current that can be applied in two ways: IONOPHORESIS and DESCALING.

  • In iontophoresis mode, it allows to convey active ingredients contained in positively charged ionizable products.
  • In descaling mode, it allows a deep cleansing of the skin and the emulsion of sebum, with negatively charged products.

All the benefits:

The galvanic current is used essentially in aesthetic treatments that are able to tone and regenerate the skin, obtaining a deep cleansing. Among the most important advantages:

  • Oxygenation of the skin thanks to the activation of the microcirculation
  • Greater firmness of the skin
  • pH balance and stimulation of the secretory glands: to obtain a smoother, brighter and more uniform skin
  • Greater hydration, as the galvanic current in the skin acts directly on the natural production of collagen
  • Disappearance and noticeable reduction of wrinkles
  • Slowing down of aging


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