The warranty and the terms of effect are valid only upon presentation of the correctly completed warranty certificate together with the purchase tax document (showing the details of the retailer, the date of purchase, the model name and the serial number)

Dear Customer,

Thank you for purchasing your Decomedical product. We hope your needs will be fully satisfied by  using it!

In the unlikely event that your product needs guarantee service, please contact JEAN MARIE LORENZ S.R.L.

Address: Via Lauro, 5  84090  S. Mango Piemonte (SA)   –    ITALY

Phone Number: 0039 089 631094

Fax Number: 0039 089 631333

E – mail:

To avoid any unnecessary inconvenience on your part, we recommend that you read the documentation carefully before seeking guarantee service.

Information on your Guarantee

    • – The equipment has a two consecutive solar years guarantee starting from the date of original purchase.
    • – The making of one or more repairing in the guarantee period does not determine the starting of a new guarantee period.
  1. TERMS

2.1- Guarantee has to be meant as substitution or free repairing of equipment pieces which are faulty from manufacturing original defects.

 2.2 – Guarantee services will be provided only if the original invoice or sales receipt (indicating the date of purchase, model name and dealer’s name) is presented with the defective product within the guarantee period. JEAN MARIE LORENZ S.R.L. may refuse free-of-charge guarantee service if these documents are not presented or if they result to be incomplete or illegible.

  • – This guarantee does not cover transport cost and risks associated with transport of your product to and from JEAN MARIE LORENZ S.R.L.

3.1 – This guarantee does not cover those products which are determined to be damaged or defective due to: improper or inadequate packing  (for this reason, we recommend  to keep the original packing to be used for an eventual return or service), replacement of components and accessories with others not explicitly approved by JEAN MARIE LORENZ S.R.L., maintenances operated by not authorized or qualified staff , non-respect of the regulation on the environment pollution and any circumstances which could not have to be gone back to manufacturing defects (for example lightning, floods, fires, risings and wars).

3.2 – This guarantee is not provided if the products, following a careful inspection of the entrusted company member, result to be working normally.

3.3 – This guarantee does not cover  all the pieces faulty for negligence or carelessness in using the equipment (no observance and no respect of the  instructions listed in the operating handbook), wrong installation or maintenance.

3.4 – Service is not guaranteed when the  name of the model or the serial number  have been modified, cancelled, removed or  made illegible on the equipment label (placed on the back of the machine).

3.5  – The manufacturer is not responsible for possible damages which, directly or indirectly, could occur to any person, things or pets caused from not observing the cautions, as specified in the instructions manual, especially for equipment use and maintenance.

3.6 – Possible complaints for delivery mistakes or missing accessories have to be communicated within eight days from equipment receiving.

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