Oxygen Therapy

Oxigendec: pure oxygen directly on the skin and hair

Oxygen Therapy

What is oxygen therapy

Oxygen therapy is a particular type of aesthetic treatment capable of counteracting skin aging and loss of tissue elasticity and represents a valid alternative to more invasive methods for skin rejuvenation.

How oxygen therapy works

This sophisticated technology allows the delivery of a constant flow of oxygen through a small airbrush that is passed on the skin of the face. The jet of air produces the formation of a small bubble in which oxygen is concentrated at high pressure, which penetrates into the superficial layers of the skin.

A specific serum is associated with oxygen based on the specific needs of the person: from hyaluronic acid to antioxidant substances.

Oxigendec is a highly sophisticated and versatile technology, which allows the aesthetic operator to be able to intervene not only on the skin of his customers, but also on the hair, allowing him to intervene on several fronts to ensure well-being and beauty at three hundred and sixty degrees, and to broaden the own basic and advanced aesthetic services, including haircare treatments, increasing the number of users and the proposals to offer.

Oxigendec: all the benefits for revitalized skin

Oxygen therapy allows pure oxygen to be conveyed, with the possible addition of active ingredients, into the epidermal tissue. This treatment is able to counteract skin aging and loss of tissue elasticity and represents a valid, painless, safe and quick alternative to invasive and more expensive methods in terms of time and cost.

Among the benefits of oxygen therapy performed with Oxigendec, there is a detoxifying and anti-aging function, as oxygen counteracts the formation of free radicals, giving brightness to the skin and triggering the production of collagen. In this way, the complexion is firmer, more nourished, rejuvenated and illuminated. Furthermore, oxygen therapy does not cause side effects and has no contraindications since it acts on the superficial layers of the skin. It can also be performed on irritated skin and with acute acne, and you immediately notice an improvement in redness, which is considerably reduced. Continuing with the treatment you will then notice more consistent improvements: expression lines will decrease, pores will be less dilated, skin spots attenuated.

Oxigendec all the benefits for the hair

Oxigendec also takes care of the beauty of the hair, stimulating cell renewal and improving the health of the scalp. How? Oxygen is applied to the scalp using the airbrush, a small device that hits the skin with a jet of oxygen that nourishes the skin and greatly invigorates the hair.

With Oxigendec you can stimulate hair regrowth, guaranteeing a net increase in volume, shine, hydration and nourishment. This aesthetic treatment also allows you to stop hair loss, counteract diseases such as alopecia, baldness and seborrhea or simply improve the health of the hair in case of dandruff or damage from dyes, straighteners, hairdryers, perms and aggressive discolorations.

Session after session, the hair regains its original splendor and a decidedly healthy and regenerated appearance.


This is a device that enables aesthetic oxygen therapy treatments to be carried out.

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