Foot care: a healthy habit for the well-being of our body


Feet must be healthy and free from calluses or other physical or aesthetic deficits to allow for pain-free walking and running while maintaining correct posture.

Often, various problems can interrupt the natural and harmonious balance of the feet:

  • calli and hardness
  • cracking
  • excessive sweating
  • fatigue and swelling
  • nail fungus or onychomycosis
  • blisters
  • warts

To respond effectively to these needs, Decomedical produces a device that allows you to carry out accurate treatments for healthy and elegant feet in a short time.

Podiatry allows you to work on the daily well-being of the foot, using different tools that can work on nail care, total foot hygiene, the softness and shine of the skin, the elimination of dead cells, as well as perform an aesthetic pedicure for a beauty treatment and personal care.



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