Professional Equipment and Machinery for Epilation

Diode laser 808 and pulsed light for beauty centers

Decomedical designs and manufactures, entirely in Italy, state-of-the-art professional equipment and machinery for hair removal such as 808 diode laser and pulsed light for beauty centers.

Decolaser - Professional diode laser 808nm for Aesthetics


Decolaser Diode laser 808

Thanks to a highly performing device cooling system, the 808nm diode laser Decolaser allows spot sequences from 1 to 12Hz to perform short hair removal sessions with long-lasting results.

Decolight - Professional Intense Pulsed Light for Aesthetic


Pulsed Light

Decolight pulsed light, thanks to its cutting-edge technology, allows to practice the photo-epilation treatment gently and effectively, using the principle of selective photo thermolysis.

Portable Decolight

Portable Decolight

Pulsed Light

Decolight DEC46P pulsed light for hair removal is an exceptional condensation of portable and functional technology that allows an immediate and practical approach to a constantly evolving professional market.

Decoblend Professional Epilator



It is an electronic needle electro-epilation device, which allows you to perform a complete, effective, definitive and almost painless epilation treatment.

Depil System Ago - Professional Epilator

Depil System Needle


It is a device for electroepilation by means of radiofrequency short waves, which allows the needle, inserted in the follicle, to emit a high intensity current for a fraction of a second, burning it.


Wax heater


It is a useful device for traditional hair removal treatments with waxes. The adjustable thermostat is made for heating the wax at a low temperature.

Professional equipment for Beauty Centers



Discover all the latest generation professional machinery for beauty centers, equipment made entirely in Italy by Decomedical with the utmost care and precision. Each stage of production is treated in detail and the final product is the result of a meticulous industrial process.

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