Professional equipment for Facial Treatment

We design and manufacture in Italy, latest generation equipment, devices and machinery for professional facial treatment in beauty centers.

Vacuum System - Professional Face System

Vacuum System

Face System

It is an equipment that performs a dual function, aspirating and nebulizing that allow general cleaning of the skin after pressing the comedones; intense and stimulating micro-massage of fine wrinkles; re-oxygenation of asphyxiated and relaxed skin and intense stimulation of the tissue.

Decoson Face System


Face System

It is a device dedicated to the face, which through the emission of low-frequency ultrasounds allows you to perform a deep cleaning, to convey special nebulized products and to regenerate the tissues through a reactivating micro-massage, thus carrying out an oxygenating, exfoliating, firming action, regenerating and anti-wrinkle.

High Frequency

High Frequency

Face System

High Frequency is a versatile device, equipped with several glass electrodes, containing rarefied gas. It exploits the principles of high frequency technology to stimulate and improve the microcirculatory system of the treated areas. In addition to having a germicidal function, it facilitates the deep absorption of nourishing and firming substances.


High Frequency

Portable High Frequency

Face System

High Frequency portable is a high frequency current generator. Its energy, transmitted to the skin, increases tissue respiration, favoring lymphatic turnover. It is equipped with an electrode holder handpiece and 2 glass accessories contained in an elegant bag that makes transport extremely convenient.

Brush System

Brush System

Face System

It is a device designed for deep cleaning of the epidermis, by means of mechanical brushing. With the comfortable accessories it is equipped with, it allows you to perform peeling and / or skin stimulation treatments on the face and body, selecting the desired speed.



Face System

It is a device with which, thanks to its dual function, it is possible to counteract various imperfections, gives tone to the tissues of a relaxed skin, for an astringent, germicidal and anti-aging effect, to treat acne and oily skin, can perform a cleansing deep skin through the emulsion and subsequent removal of sebum from the follicles.

oxygendec Oxygen therapy

Oxygendec Oxygen therapy

Oxygen therapy

Oxygendec – aesthetic oxygen therapy – is a highly innovative technology which, through the flow of air enriched with concentrated oxygen delivered to the affected areas, is an effective aid in the treatment of anti-aging and skin aging imperfections.

Radiofrequency Professional



Decofrequency is a bipolar capacitive radiofrequency, useful for treatments aimed at rejuvenating the face, décolleté, arms by reducing wrinkles and skin laxity.


Decofrequency Ultraplus


Decofrequency UP is a capacitive radiofrequency that delivers two types of electromagnetic wave: bipolar for skin rejuvenation face treatments; monopolar for anti-cellulite body treatments.

Professional equipment for Beauty Centers



Discover all the latest generation professional machinery for beauty centers, equipment made entirely in Italy by Decomedical with the utmost care and precision. Each stage of production is treated in detail and the final product is the result of a meticulous industrial process.

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