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Beauty Center Chic

<< I immediately started with the Decomedical diode laser for definitive progressive hair removal. I have equipped myself with a truly formidable machine, for which customers already after the first sessions show me their surprise in seeing evident results. Truly an amazing machine of which I am very proud. Easy to use, aesthetically beautiful and really effective >>.

Beauty Center FYSI by Anna Napoli

Aesthetic Center FYSI

<< Since I opened the center I have entrusted myself to Decomedical, purchasing all the machines there with great satisfaction. In fact, they can count on really exciting feedback from the clients who carry out the treatment sessions and I myself am the first fan of these devices as sophisticated as they are practical and easy to handle. I own the equipment for radiofrequency, for pressotherapy, ultrasound, endodermic massage, Combimix, micromotor for deep manicure and pedicure, high intensity pulsed light, all signed Decomedical. Excellent actual results and very high performance machines >>.

Elisabetta Beauty Center

Elisabetta Beauty Center

<< I needed to have a single machine that would guarantee me high quality face and body treatments and safe results. This is why I opted for the latest product from Decomedical, a company that makes made in Italy its strength. Design, safety, effectiveness, confidential and professional relationship with the company at the same time. In short, a reference for the production of machinery for professional aesthetics >>.

Gerardina Robertazzi - Beauty Center Robertazzi

Robertazzi Aesthetic Center

<< I met Decomedical at the fair in Naples in 2017. Initially I was simply attracted by the fact that it was a company from Campania. Then I started hearing about it very well from colleagues and experts in the sector, and so I decided to go to the company to learn more. I found maximum availability and a lot of kindness. I have equipped myself with the diode laser, decolaser, an excellent machine that guarantees surprising results from the very first sessions. This is a transversal service, highly requested by women but also by men, especially for the chest, back and cheekbones areas >>.

Valentina Razionale Future  Hair & Beauty

Future Acconciature – Hair & Beauty

<< I wanted to adopt the 808 diode Decomedical Laser equipment, a company I had met by chance at the fair and it was love at first sight. From an aesthetic point of view, the device is truly beautiful. But then the handling and effectiveness, proven by the very positive feedback from my customers. In short, fully satisfied. In addition, the company opened its doors to me and treated me in the best way, always behaving honestly and correctly. Immediate technical support and resolution of any problems, in order to be always and in any case operational >>.

Aurora Messina Beauty center Venus Spa

Aesthetic Center Venus Spa

<< I have selected only Decomedical equipment, which I believe to be top of the range in the sector. Safe machinery, with advanced Italian technology, efficiency of the human and technical relationship with the company, in short, the best for those like me who must guarantee safety and results. In the center we use pressotherapy, Decoshaper, radio frequency, diode laser 808, pulsed light, and also the wax heater, which is the most basic device of all in a beauty center, is from Decomedical >>.


Anna Chetta, ABL Estetica e Make Up

ABL Estetica e Make Up

<< 12 years ago the school I was attending made available the opportunity to go to the company and I visited the laboratory, from the design phase to the finished product. Since then, I have had that obsession in my head, in short, as if it had been a first love. After school, I met other companies in the places where I worked, but then I decided to open my own center and went back to my roots in terms of technology. I renewed my training at Decomedical and I completely entrusted myself to them. An unparalleled training, the feeling is to feel at ease and to have known them forever >>.

Anna Villani Beauty Trainer

Beauty Trainer

<< The beauty equipment in my center is signed Decomedical, a solid reality that guarantees me the quality of made in Italy and also the aesthetics of the product, which in a beauty center you can imagine how much it can be worth.  Initially the proximity made me prefer it to others and consequently the fact of being able to help support a very valid company in the Campania region. But then, when I went to them for courses and updates, I really found a great welcome. A relationship of familiarity, trust and mutual respect that I have rarely encountered in my life was immediately established. I felt, and still feel, pampered from all points of view. >>

Iole De Caro, centro estetico Beauty Center

Beauty Center Il Bellessere

<< I have the DECOSHAPER, for endodermic treatments, and the DECOLASER, the Decomedical 808 diode laser, for definitive hair removal. In the first case, I think that you can hardly find something like this around: it is a truly excellent product, unique and with amazing results. As for the laser, certainly by now many are equipped with it, but I must admit that many customers who came here have told us that, despite having already experienced this treatment elsewhere, they notice an abysmal difference, preferring my Decolaser without any doubt >> .

Lia Gaeta Beauty Center  in my hands

Beauty Center In My Hands

<< Here you can find many services: solarium, facial treatments, manicures and pedicures, including curative ones, gel and nail reconstruction, sauna and steam bath, but also slimming treatments, permanent hair removal, massages including anti-cellulite, anti-fatigue, and we also wanted to include a special one for pregnant women, the Mamy massage. Super relaxing and extremely delicate for all women who are living this exciting experience that is expecting a child.

As for the equipment, we use the latest Decomedical ones: Decoshaper (endodermic massage), Decofrequency (radiofrequency), but also ultrasound and electrostimulator. Two other strengths, face treatments and permanent hair removal, for both of which I am proud to say that customers show me enthusiasm and very positive feedback >>.

Simona Catalano Istituto di Estetica Donna 2000

Beauty Trainer

<< We met the owners at the fair in Naples and we approached them, gradually establishing a relationship that then went beyond the sale. First of all, they boast equipment that is truly unrivaled in terms of efficiency and professionalism. Then what I particularly love is the family structure of their reality, which also reflects our concept of work, or family.  I took Pressodren just a year ago, for the resolution of many problems including the widespread water retention, and I must say that the customers who have tried it find significant differences compared to other treatments done previously. And then the beloved diode Decolaser 808, a gem. I have only been using it for a year and the customers are fully satisfied: it boasts a very advanced technology compared to other equipment and now waxing has been abandoned by many >>.

The Beauty Room

The Beauty Room

<< We have totally relied on the made in Italy one from Decomedical. After careful research, we decided that the best was represented by this company from Campania and therefore we had no doubts in the choice. We wanted an important company that would guarantee us results and quality, but at the same time we also found exquisite people in it. So the final satisfaction was double. I must admit that even our customers constantly provide us with very positive feedback and seeing their approval is a source of great pride for us >>.

Maria Gugliotta Beauty Center Marilyn

Beauty Center Marilyn

<< I met her through the company that furnished my center for the opening. I then contacted the company immediately and went in person to visit. I was able to see everything with my own eyes, from the conception phase to the finished machine. It is very interesting to be able to touch and see directly what is behind professional equipment such as Decomedical ones. And, after six years, I am fully satisfied. I bought pulsed light, for an effective gradual permanent hair removal, much appreciated by women and men of different ages because the results are visible from the first sessions. But I’d be inclined to take the laser too. For the body treatments, on the other hand, I chose the machine to carry out pressure therapy, and the Decoshaper, ideal for in-depth massage, to firm up and to counteract annoying blemishes such as cellulite >>.

Beauty Center Mirò art of Beauty

Mirò Art of Beauty

<< I must say that every Decomedical machine is created to achieve tangible results and therefore each one works very well on the market based on what is to be obtained or on specific aesthetic needs. For example, I love the Decoshaper, a machine that shapes the body and makes the silhouette incredibly better from the first session. In fact, whoever becomes aware of it with the first treatment, then requests it. I have to tell the truth, we met  by chance. We also needed support from a funding point of view in the early days and I found this and much more in them. We knew the machines and we contacted the company directly to see it up close. From there a world opened: a few steps from home, an important reality with great professionalism and great humanity. They hosted us for detailed descriptions of the appliances and made us feel at home. We will always bring infinite gratitude to Decomedical, we have never lacked availability and affection, and we feel part of the company itself >>.

Beauty Center fusco

Beauty Center Fusco

<< I start from the assumption that you have to be honest with the customer and work with the heart >> explains Fusco << The fundamental thing is to put passion into your work, and I’m lucky because I love my job and I put all of myself, updating and studying continuously. The customer now comes to us already quite informed and knows how to recognize the quality. For this reason, in choosing the technology to use, I wanted to rely on the professionalism of Decomedical. I have several Decomedical machines, in particular Decoson, for ultrasonic facial cleaning, face and body radiofrequency, and then the Diode Laser 808, a leading product for the effectiveness widely found from the first sessions >>.

Agnese Platania

Beauty Center New Life

<< The knowledge dates back to several years ago, precisely to 2007, at the Cosmoprof fair. Among all the companies present I was particularly struck as many of them assemble only in Italy, while Decomedical is totally Italian. And I am a strong supporter of “made in Italy”. And for this reason I decided to deepen my knowledge. My then partner, now a husband, who is an engineer, engaged in a dialogue with the owner of the company, specifically on the technical characteristics. And when I opened the center, I had no doubts in relying on Decomedical for the professional aesthetic equipment that I would use. I have the Decoshaper, for a very deep endodermic massage, with visible results from the first sessions, and a Multistation for face treatments (for a variety of needs: hydration, anti-aging, oxygenation, microcirculation, up to an antibacterial action and reduction of redness cutaneous) >>.

Beauty Cente “Operà” by Maria Grosso

Beauty Center Opera

<< I got to know Decomedical through a representative who suggested this company to me, not so far from where I live and work, with Italian and quality products. I was desperate, I didn’t know what to do and who to trust. There then a world opened up to me, made up of kindness, availability, convenience and humanity in addition to the professional relationship. They were very good at meeting me, offering me the necessary support starting from the opening of the business which, you know, is always quite problematic.

<< I have the Decoshaper, to shape the body through a deep and effective endodermic massage; radiofrequency to rejuvenate the appearance of the face but also for body treatments, such as the non-invasive and painless treatment of cellulite blemishes; pulsed light for progressively definitive epilation; the machine for carrying out electrocoagulation; pressotherapy for body treatments, a real help for the well-being of the lower limbs, and Combimix for specific facial treatments all combined in a single machine. But there is something else I would like to add, namely the laser. It’s my next goal >>.

Sara Romano, Beauty center Manie di Bellezza

Beauty center Manie di Bellezza

<< When I decided three years ago to open Manie di Bellezza, my goal was to specialize in new technology equipment to guarantee targeted, safe and effective treatments. So I relied on the Decomedical company, which assured me of cutting-edge machinery made in Italy, high performance, attractive design and maximum professionalism. I went directly to the company, accustomed as I am to doing nothing at random, seeing for myself and touching what interests me firsthand. And I must say that also from a human point of view I have found people available and lovable, as well as excellent professionals. In my beauty center I use the Ultrasound machine for face cleaning, Radiofrequency for face and body, Combymix 7 which combines high frequency, galvanic, stim lift, depil system complex, podo system and vacuum and brush systems, Pressotherapy and the Endomassage, which is a bit of the “spearhead” >>.

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