Decomedical offers a compact line of solariums that meets the requirements of the most demanding customers. The equipment is at the top of the market thanks to a design, construction, testing and inspection process that guarantees the highest quality of the solarium and its components. The production of the solarium equipment follows a total quality oriented manufacturing process, using specialised and qualified electrotechnical and electronic operators and strict quality control of components and assembly.


The Decosun HG5 is a high-pressure sun shower for an even, natural-looking tan.

This is a unique and exclusive hexafacial solarium equipped with six lamps oriented at different angles, capable of tanning with times starting from 8 minutes and electronic adjustment on 4 levels of lamp power directly from the control board.

A low-pressure sunbed that combines the high performance of the most advanced solariums with a sober design and attention to detail

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