Professional Technologies for Beauty Salons and Aesthetics Medicine Centers

 Decomedical offers technological and professional solutions designed and manufactured exclusively in Italy.

Professional Equipment, Devices and Machines of latest generation for Beauty salons and Aesthetics Medicine Centers

laser 808

Diode laser 808 nm

Diode laser technology (a high quality and innovative system) allows to perform a gradual but permanent photo epilation by reducing side effects risks and duration of treatment especially referring to the largest body areas.

Decoblend Professional Epilation


Decomedical devices offer solutions for traditional epilation like wax heater as well as guarantee the quality of the most innovative and effective technologies such as electro-epilation, diode laser and intense pulsed light which let to perform targeted and definitive treatments.

Decolight  Ultrasound

Intense Pulsed Light

IPL (Intense pulsed light) technology is suitable to treat a wide range of skin imperfections effectively. It also allows to perform photo-rejuvenation treatments as well as progressively permanent hair removal.

Decotron: Ultrasounds


Microdermabrasion is an aesthetic treatment which allows to reduce and/or to remove several skin imperfections such as dilated pores, thickened skin, fine wrinkles, stretch-marks and superficial skin spots.

Decolight  Ultrasound


Ultrasound technology is effectively used in medical aesthetic field to fight cellulite, localized adiposities, orange peel skin and circulatory difficulties.

massaggio endodermico

Endodermic massage

The endodermic massage is particularly indicated to reactivate both the venous and arterial circulation in order to get a higher oxygenation of the tissues and the improvement of the intercellular exchanges.



Radiofrequency opens new frontiers in Aesthetics. It has been introduced as the innovative technology to perform non-ablative skin rejuvenation treatments and to get effective results very similar to surgical lifting.

Decovap San

Oxygen therapy

Oxygen therapy is the treatment indicated to counteract skin aging and loss of tissues elasticity. It represents a valid alternative to more invasive methodologies to treat skin rejuvenation.


Presso massage

The Presso massage is a massotherapy treatment with healthy effects for the venous and lymphatic circulatory functionality.

Vacuum technology

Vacuum Therapy

Vacuum technology exploits an ancient principle of oriental origin that, through a skin sucking process, promotes the blood and lymphatic circulation, the re-oxygenation of tissues, a marked improvement of the wrinkles and an accurate skin cleansing.

Vapourel San


The electrostimulation is an effective method for muscle and metabolic reactivation. It is also used for cellulite and localized adiposities treatments.



Vapozones, used for deep facial cleansing and aroma therapy treatments, are the flagship of Decomedical production.

Galvanic Professional


Galvanic technology exploits a direct, continuous and regular current that can be applied in two different ways: IONTOPHORESIS to introduce into the skin active water-soluble principles contained in cosmetic products; DESINCRUSTATION for a deep skin cleansing and to emulsify the sebum.

Decovap San


The feet must be healthy and free from callosity to walk and run without pain, by maintaining a correct posture. To respond effectively to these needs, Decomedical manufactures a device which allows to perform, in a few time, accurate treatments for healthy and elegant feet.


High Frequency

High Frequency is used to treat and prevent acne, to reduce dilated pores as well as the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, to lighten dark circles, to stimulate cell renewal, to intensify blood circulation and to increase the production of collagen and elastin, thanks to its thermal action.



Chromotherapy uses colours for health and wellness; it is considered as a “sweet therapy” since non-invasive and without side effects.

Vapour System XP


Brushing technology uses mechanical energy to perform a deep skin exfoliation by removing the corneal layer with several types of applicators.

Vapourel San


Decomedical offers a compact solarium line which can satisfy the requests of the most demanding customers.

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