Vacuum therapy

 The face and body system for a clear improvement of the skin

VACUUM Therapy

How it works and what are the benefits:

The vacuum technology exploits an ancient principle, of oriental origin, which stimulates circulation through a skin sucking procedure.

Insisting on a limited area, vacuum technology promotes blood and lymphatic circulation, tissue re-oxygenation, a significant improvement in wrinkles and thorough skin cleansing.

Vacuum therapy, or vacuum therapy, is also used in specific facial cleansing treatments: in this case, the terminal called “comedones aspirator” is used, which has an outlet hole capable of eliminating sebaceous impurities from the epidermis.

 Types of cannulae and type of surgery on the face:

  • Glass cannula with large hole, to be used after pressing and on the furrow of the wrinkle.
  • Glass cannula with flat photo, to perform an intense and stimulating micro-massage in fine wrinkles.
  • Glass cannula with small hole, used after pressing blackheads.

 There are two types of suction techniques used as stimulating mechanical massages, those that gently suck in pulsed mode to be used on the face, neck and décolleté and those that suck in a more intense and prolonged mode to be used on the body with a modeling action.


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