Vaporizers, used for deep facial cleansing and aromatherapy, are the flagship of Decomedical’s production. Their technical and aesthetic features are carefully designed to meet different needs in terms of use and space, and guarantee attention to energy consumption, handling and safety. In fact, all models are equipped with an electronic safety control device that monitors the water level and, when the water runs out, allows the appliance to turn off automatically, preventing it from overheating.


It is a height-adjustable stand-mounted vaporiser with a rigid inclined arm that ends with a nozzle for the steam outlet. Equipped with a felt holder for aromatherapy on which to pour a few drops of selected essential oils to increase the effects of the steam treatment.

It is a vaporiser equipped with a height-adjustable stand and a five-wheel base to give it greater stability and make it easier to move the appliance.

It is a steamer on adjustable height caster base with inclined rigid arm. At the top of the arm, there is a directional nozzle for the steam flow emission (which could be also ozonated) and a felt ring for aromatherapy.

A new concept of steamer, designed for the most demanding professional beauty operators.

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