Vapourel San: Professional Sanitizer for Environments

Vapourel San is a high-tech sanitizer suitable for sanitizing indoor environments, professional studios, laboratories, shops.

Vapourel San: Professional Sanitizer for Environments

From the Decomedical Research Laboratories we introduce Vapourel San, a germicide and virucide device to sanitize small indoor environments of 60m³ maximum size in about 30/40 minutes of time.

Vapourel San is a professional, practical and safe equipment which exploits the synergy of the virucide and bactericide properties of the Hydrogen Peroxide and of the UV-C lamp.

The UV-C lamp is placed at the end of the rigid arm in the rotating nozzle for the germicide steam flow emission.  

Vapourel San is also equipped with an external PC liquid container of 750ml capacity and with an electronic control system to signal the lack of liquid which then allows the safety cut-out of the device.

Its exclusive characteristics are: small size and easy portability thanks to its base with casters.

Product code : DEC17 SAN





Technical Specifications

MADE IN ITALY CE mark in according to european community directives

Protection Class: II
Power supply: 230v 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 26x44x64 cm
Net weight: 3 kg unit + 4 kg stand
Liquid container capacity: 750ml
Fuses: 2 of 4 AT
Maximum power consumption: 700 Watt
Adjustable steam emission rotation: 180°
Electronic control system for liquid level control: yes

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